Paramount to Produce Power Rangers Reboot Film

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Paramount Pictures and Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures are producing a new film based on the Power Rangers brand. Additionally, Jonathan Entwistle is in early talks to helm the directing chair for the upcoming project with Patrick Burleigh working as the scriptwriter.


For those who are not aware, this is not the first team the franchise has made its appearance on the silver screen. The Power Rangers brand first received a film adaptation in 1995 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie. While the film featured the team seen in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series the overall story was a standalone adventure. The second film was released in 1997 titled, “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.” Unlike the previous film, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie featured canon events that setup the setting for the Power Rangers Turbo television series. The third film simply titled, Power Rangers,” debuted in theaters in 2017, and served as a “reboot” to the franchise. However, any future projects set in the universe would no longer be possible as the franchise was sold to Hasbro in 2019.


According to The Hollywood Reporter the film is said to “involve a time-travel element” that will bring the film’s latest incarnation of Power Rangers into the 90’s and they will need to work together to return back to present day. No other details are confirmed at this time, so stay tuned for updates.


I personally feel that overall premise for this film sounds interesting and seeing current Hasbro’s track record with Power Rangers Beast Morphers it seems highly likely this film is going to be good. That being said it will be the first time a film in the franchise has not been produced by Saban Brands, so it will be quite intriguing in how this will turn out.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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