PMC 2016: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toy Panel Photos

Recently the toy panel for Power Rangers Ninja Steel was shown at Power Morphicon 2016. While the panel didn’t show many extra toys that were featured in the display cases, more concrete information about the toyline were revealed. First, the panel featured a better look at the complete main team of Ninja Power Stars.  Next, it has been confirmed that the Ninja Star Blade or known as the Sword Ninja Ichibantou in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger is no longer the main team’s morpher. Instead, it seems that the Ninja Star Morpher, which was originally the Ninninger’s sidearm weapon called the Karakuri Hengen, is now the main henshin device. It has also been confirmed that the Megazord will be compatible with the 5 Inch figures so expect to see articulated figures of Shinobimaru and Rodeomaru to be released in the main figure line.

Source: Power Rangers Now

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