[Interview] Power Rangers Actor Campbell Cooley

Hello there Hero-Club, tonight we have an all-new video interview! Our guest this time is Power Rangers voice actor and voice director, Campbell Cooley. Longtime fans of the franchise will recognize his work, as it dates back to Power Rangers S.P.D. However, as the franchise continued on, Mr. Cooley went from voicing ‘Monsters of the Week’ to main villains. With most of his main villainous roles occurring within the Neo Saban Era, which consists of Power Rangers Samurai to Power Rangers Beast Morphers. In addition, Campbell also began assisting with the series’ ADR during the Neo Saban Era.


Now, in this interview we discuss how Campbell got into acting and transitioned into his various roles in Power Rangers. Also, we ask Mr. Cooley for his opinions on the franchise, from seasons to characters we try to cover it all. Yet, due to legal contracts we cannot discuss the finale of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, but we intend to bring back Campbell later on. So, stay tuned for Interview Two whenever that happens… Nevertheless, sit back and enjoy our interview with Mr. Campbell Cooley!

Now, this concludes our interview, and we once again extend our thanks to Mr. Campbell Cooley for the opportunity to have hosted him. We hope our audience enjoyed our interview with him, and look forward to the possible sequel. Also, for those unaware, fans can follow Mr. Cooley on social media through Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, Power Rangers Beast Morphers is nearing its conclusion in North America on Nickelodeon, with new episodes airing Saturday at 8:00 am. So, if fans are unaware of its international airings and spoilers, be on the lookout for a surprising twist. Finally, readers stay tuned to Hero-Club for more news updates, reviews, and future interviews!

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