Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lost Galaxy Red & Psycho Red Revealed

Best Buy recently ‘ninja’ed’ a pre-order page for the upcoming Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lost Galaxy Red & Psycho Red multi-pack, inspired by “To the Tenth Power.” Now, it is very interesting to see this set being revealed following San Diego Comic Con 2019, however it is great to see Leo and Psycho Red make their way into the Power Rangers Lightning Collection. As usual the set will retail for $39.99 and currently it is unknown when the figures will be released since the page is set as “coming soon.” Each figure will include a variety of accessories, and interestingly enough Psycho Red is is the first figure to include an effect hand rather than a loose effect attachment. Also, it is unknown if the set will be a Best Buy exclusive, although hopefully we should see more information regarding the set in the near future. With this release it will be great to see how Hasbro will continue to release the remaining Psycho Rangers; maybe we will see more information about them at upcoming international toy conventions, or at least during New York Comic Con 2019.

Source: Best Buy


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