Power Rangers Ninja Steel Spring 2017 Lineup Revealed

Power Rangers Now has recently reported about the products that will be available in the Spring 2017 lineup for the upcoming Power Rangers Ninja Steel toyline.  The Spring line will include the previously revealed 5 inch figures as well as these newly revealed products.   Power Rangers Ninja Steel will premiere on Nickelodeon next year, but expect to see some of the toys this holiday season.

The Spring 2017 lineup will consists of:


Deluxe Ninja Battle Morpher

One of the long-standing cornerstones of Bandai’s Power Rangers toyline has been the season’s primary Morpher. And at Power Morphicon 2016, fans got a look at the all-new Morpher that will power up the Ninja Steel Rangers when the show premieres in 2017.

This year’s Morpher will have the ability to change into three modes: Morpher mode, claw mode, and sword mode, giving fans a multitude of options for this epic battle gear. Additionally, fans will be able to collect and use Ninja Power Stars to activate a wide array of unique sounds from the Morpher.

2 Ninja Power Stars will be included with this item, with over 100 more available throughout the year.

Ninja Blaster

Also first seen at Power Morphicon 2016, the Ninja Blaster will serve as the Ninja Steel Rangers’ primary blaster weapon. Fans can once again use their Ninja Power Stars to power up their battle gear, and use the Ninja Blaster to fire away with launching ability.

3 Ninja Power Stars will be included with this item.

Sword Star Shooter

New to today’s look, as well as Bandai’s Ninja Steel toy line, is the Sword Star Shooter. The Sword Star Shooter gives fans similar ability to launch their Ninja Power Stars, but this time from beneath their palm. The item includes an adjustable wrist strap to fit fans of all ages.

2 Ninja Power Stars will be included with this item.

Ranger Hero Sets

Bandai will once again bring back the Ranger Hero Sets, which have been highly successful among kids. The sets give kids a chance to morph into their favorite Ninja Steel Ranger with a training set that includes a Power Rangers Ninja Steel mask, bandolier, and sword.

Ninja Steel’s spring line will include two variations: a Red Ranger and Blue Ranger set.

1 Ninja Power Star will be included with each set.


Mega Morph Cycles

Bandai’s annual line of cycles returns once again in Ninja Steel, this time with the Mega Morph Cycles. This year’s cycles give fans an added bonus: the ability to transform their cycles into a Ninja Power Star.

With the ability to transform between 2 modes (Vehicle Mode and Ninja Power Star Mode), fans will also be able to attach the Mega Morph Cycles to their Deluxe Ninja Steel Megazord, forming an ultimate combination.

Currently, fans can check out the Red & Yellow Ranger versions, with each cycle also including a pose-able 5″ Ranger figure.


12″ Ranger Figures

Bandai will be bringing back the 12″ action figures in Ninja Steel, with three variations pictured: the Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers.

12″ scale figures first debuted during Power Ranger Super Megaforce, and since then, have been well received by fans. Each figure includes five points of articulation.



Source: Power Rangers Now

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