[Comic Review] Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless #1 *Spoiler Free*

Good morning Heroes, today is Monday and we are kicking things off with a spoiler free review! Today, we will be looking at the upcoming one-shot, Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless #1 which releases this Wednesday. For those unaware, this is a single issue run, but it connects to current events within the main title. However, while this story sets up things for The Darkest Hour,” it also seems to hint at another possible mini-series. Anyway, we would like to thank Boom! Studios for providing us this review copy, as per usual. Now, with that being said let us see what Drakkon and Kiya are doing in the world of the Coinless


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Moisés Hidalgo
  • Colorist: Arthur Hesli
  • Lettering: Ed Dukeshire
  • Writer: Adam Cesare
  • Designer: Nancy Mojica
  • Assistant Editor: Kenzie Rzonca
  • Editor: Allyson Gronowitz
  • Cover Artists: Dan Mora (Main Cover), Goñi Montes (Foil), Dan Mora and Stephanie Hans (Variant), Jenny Frison (Convention Variant)
  • Drakkon Ranger Designs by Dan Mora
  • Hasbro Special Thanks to Irvin Ducournau, Tayla Reo, Michael Kelly, and Ed Lane



Our story begins with Drakkon and Kiya arriving in the Coinless Universe on the outskirts of Angel Grove. Upon their arrival, Kiya continues to tell Drakkon that she plans to kill him whenever he lets his guard down. However, Drakkon is more focused on celebrating his return home, but he begins wondering where the inhabitants are. Currently, Drakkon assumes his entire army still remains, and he seeks to take the battle to Dark Specter. Unfortunately, having been gone for so long, Drakkon is truly unaware of the several changes to his world. Coincidentally, following the events of Power Ranger: Drakkon New Dawn even more changes have occurred that readers will not expect.


Although, those changes I refer to become apparent as Drakkon, and Kiya realize they are not alone and being stalked. Especially, when they are attacked, and Kiya attempts to take the Dragon Dagger from Drakkon to defend herself. During this sequence, I really love the expressions Moisés Hidalgo uses to capture Kiya’s urgency, and the surprised Drakkon. Like readers should feel the urgency from Kiya attempting to both, kill Drakkon or defend herself. Additionally, some readers might even feel the weight of Kiya’s punch since Drakkon looked really flustered. Furthermore, with the enemies leaping out of buildings like zombies there is an immediate sense of dread.


Thankfully, backup arrives in the form of some familiar faces, some members of the Coinless, themselves. Yet, when the Coinless discover the people, they are rescuing consists of Drakkon, they briefly attempt to kill him instead. However, Ranger Slayer appears to break things up, and manages to get the entire party to retreat to their base. Once inside, Drakkon explains he has a plan to turn the tides in their favor when regarding their current situation. Frankly, I ironically love Drakkon’s reasoning, as he wants to seen as an inspiring hero to rebuild his army. Unfortunately, people already know that is Drakkon’s ego though, as no one should logically believe this former tyrannical ruler.


Now, to tangent a bit, one thing I do appreciate is the book’s antagonists, which are like magma-zombies. Like the creatures resemble several of the mutated Putties seen in previous issues, but they feature more Dark Specter-like aspects. Also, I enjoy how Moisés Hidalgo gives them variety, not all are humanoid and have alien features like tails. In addition, Arthur Helsi’s color choices are amazing, as he goes through differing shades of black, grey, and orange. So, I am interested in seeing how their concept evolves throughout the upcoming event, since these monsters are numerous. Especially, since no Power Ranger team has ever faced a threat like these things seemingly possess.


Anyway, as Drakkon, Kiya and the Coinless put his plan into motion, but another ghost from Drakkon’s appears. Specifically, a face that I forgot had survived, or was resurrected during the events of the Drakkon New Dawn mini-series. But with their reunion, I am glad that this person immediately rejects Drakkon’s plan, which is to make new Rangers. However, they at least help the others to put things into motion, as the creatures rush their location. As a result, a new team is born and they are line with Dan Mora’s Drakkon and Ranger Slayer designs. Although, love how this team has capes like Ranger Slayer, and I cannot wait to see cosplayers recreate them.


Sadly, this issue ends on a downer, as not everyone makes it out safe, and even Drakkon morns this loss. However, I want to believe that they are still alive, and hope a follow up proves me right. Yet, with this grim story, it perfectly sets up the impending dread that is to come in The Darkest Hour. Thankfully, it seems though that Drakkon’s Power Ranger team may be what our heroes need to save the universe. Whereas, for a one-shot, this book is great, and I believe it can even be an entry point for newcomers. Although, I expect for some it might be a little confusing without some context regarding certain characters. Nevertheless, the year of Dark Specter is drawing closer, and now all of our hope is on the Power Rangers.


Final score: 5 out of 5


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