RRPG Trailer Analysis: Final Fantasy XVI -Dominance-

With the Summer 2023 being a year away, I have decided to analyze the recent trailer for Final Fantasy XVI. Officially titled, Final Fantasy XVI -Dominance-, it is the next installment in Square Enix’s flagship RPG series. Now, the Dominance trailer was showcased during the PlayStation State of Play held in June. So, I wanted to take time to analyze the trailer and see what is going on from what was shown. Also, this video will be the first to feature my new V-Tuber avatar, which was created by my friend and Hero-Club site co-owner Fighterxaos.


This is my first time doing an analysis of this trailer, so I am going to assure viewers it will not be perfect. I am pretty sure I will not be able to detect every little thing that is present. However, if I did miss something, then viewers please leave comments regarding on what I overlooked. Also, I may tend to stutter while I delivering my insight, so be respectful with how I present this.

Also, here are my social media contacts and information on The Geek Fighters!

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