Samurai Level – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 7 Review

The amount of lies, viruses and Gashats increase! Our resident Bike gets more focus this week, timed with the release of a new toy that is for him funnily enough.


Kiriya, our smooth talking coroner gets himself involved with the patient of the week, an older man with a worrying daughter that works for him. Since Kiriya is an untrustworthy dick, he gets shut out of CR, but finds his way in just as all hell breaks loose as two viruses living in the man burst out to attack.


How lucky that both of these new viruses have the last two Gashats, eh? GiriGiri Chambara and Jet Combat make their debut, while  Lazer manages to get Ex-Aid to trust him and they work together to attack the GiriGiri Virus. They take it down as Genm fights Brave. Lazer decides to use the GiriGiri to finally gain his Humanoid/ Samurai themed Level 3 form.


Lazer pins Genm as being Genm’s CEO, having witnessed him Trasform last time, thought the Myster game lover dude used some ill-defined power to swap places with the CEO. This then paints Lazer as more of a Liar (in addtion to Brave debunking his ‘friend died of the bugesters’ story). He claims that he used them just to get the Gasht, but it is obviously not entirely true…

My Thoughts:

The moral of the story seems to be that Doctors need to lie sometimes, as shown by Kiriya’s flashback to his friend not taking his diagnosis well. Which was a small lesson for the inexperienced, Emu to come to grips with. However, Kiriya’s quest for power and lies has put him in an even tougher situation, so it will be interesting to see how will bounce back. The action was good and Lazer’s true Rider Form is wonderful,  too bad he cannot be orange but then Gaim might comeback from space and sue for gimmick infringement! We wouldn’t want that now, or would we?!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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