[SDCC 2022] Transformers: Earthspark Teaser Trailer Streamed

The official Paramount Plus Youtube channel has updated with a new trailer for Transformers: Earthspark. For those who are not aware, the series was announced last year. The trailer was first released during SDCC 2022. The latest trailer features a deeper look at the premise of the series and showcases several of the human and Cybertronians featured in the series. Transformers: Earthspark will premiere on Paramount Plus this Fall and later on Nickelodeon.

I will admit when the first teaser for the series was shown I was bit mixed on the overall impression. That being said that latest trailer has gotten me actually excited for the series and I like the new takes on several of the returning characters. The new characters also look nice and its cool to see another series with a family dynamic that has been lacking in the franchise for quite some time outside of the live-action films.

Source: Paramount Plus

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