Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels Kickstarter Launched

Yacht Games has returned to Kickstarter with a new project involving the Shovel Knight brand. Unlike the previous Kickstarter, which was obviously for the video game, the last project will be a board game based on the game. The board game will be titled, “Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels,” and will be a competitive “side-scrolling” miniatures board game consisting of 1-4 players per match. The campaign is currently open until Saturday, July 27 and needs to match a pledge total of $80,000. Those who back the minimum of $70 will receive the game along with an Shield Knight model, Shield Knight hero card, and all applicable stretch goals. The campaign also has a $90,000 stretch goal where those who back the campaign will also receive playable boss hero cards.

During the game players will need to jump over obstacles while they collect gold. Gold can be obtained from treasure mounds or defeating enemies. Throughout the game players can also find Chester and purchase equipment in order to keep up with the competition. Players will eventually fight against The Order of No Quarter. The winner of the game is the player with the most amount of gold at the end of the match.

The base Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels board game includes:

  • Shovel Knight Models X4
  • King Knight Model
  • Plague Knight Model
  • Enchantress Model
  • Boneclang Models X8
  • Propeller Rat Models X8
  • Wizzems X6
  • Goldarmors X6
  • Dungeon Tiles X16
  • Tile Tray
  • Potion Vat/ Spike Tiles X16
  • Rulebook
  • Equipment Cards X16
  • Hero Cards X4
  • Spawn Cards X16
  • Relic Cards X16
  • Boss Stat Cards X4
  • Boss Ai Cards X32
  • Gold Tokens X40
  • Treasure Tokens X20
  • Health Tokens X40
  • Engraved Dice X12

Those who are interested can check out the official campaign page listed below.

Source: Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels Kickstarter

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