Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Trailer

Happy Monday heroes! We have the trailer for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. The game is set to feature 40 characters, 34 stages, and over 200 costumes. As someone who plays Street Fighter on occasion I might have to pick up this edition for my PS4. Price wise it’s set to cost $29.99 and comes out February 14, 2020. For those with Street Fighter V the upgrade kit will cost $24.99 which is available now.

Nothing else for me to say when it comes to Street Fighter. I’m sure fans will either be excited or upset when it comes to Champion edition. That said I see it as a positive, it could be the thing that pumps more life into the Street Fighter community so I’m for it. I’m sure the upcoming fighting game tournaments are going to be exciting to watch. As always, I’m still Benodinson and I’m out!

Source: YouTube

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