Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 Trailer

We have the official season three trailer for the upcoming season of Marvel’s Runaways. I love how this trailer picks up where the teaser left off. Which means yes, we get a bit of Cloak & Dagger. It should be noted that this is the final season of Runaways. Knowing this changes everything now that we know the show won’t comeback. While watching this trailer I was excited but knowing that this might be the last time we see these characters is trash. It sucks that Jeff Loeb isn’t here to stop this from happening since he was in charge of Marvel Television. I’m hopeful that Runaways is able to comeback on Disney Plus like Cloak & Dagger should but I doubt it.

As always tune into watching Runaways which comes back to Hulu December 13th, 2019. I’m still Benodinson and I’m out!

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