Super Mini-Pla GaoGaiGar & Daizyujin/ MMPR Megazord Prototypes on Display

Roughly a week ago, Bandai announced that the King of Braves, GaoGaiGar would be the mecha next to join the Super Mini-Pla line. However most recently at a toy show in Japan the prototype for the Mini-Pla was put on display alongside another new prototype that was recently announced, Super Mini-Pla Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Daizyujin. Both are scheduled to release in 2017, GaoGaiGar in February and Daizyujin for March. No prices have been determined for the specific sets, as they are still in development.

Super Mini-Pla GaoGaiGar

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Super Mini-Pla Daizyujin

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Source: SentaiCNP on Facebook

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