Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sephiroth Character Presentation Streamed

Masahiro Sakurai recently held a Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation, which featured a look at Sephiroth, who is the third fighter that will be available in the second Fighters Pass.

Sakurai revealed the next round of Mii Fighter Costumes. Each costume will be priced at $.75 each. None of the costumes will be apart of the Fighters Pass.

The costumes include:

  • Barret (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Chocobo Hat (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Geno (Super Mario RPG)

Second, Sakurai took a look at Sephiroth’s moveset and also revealed that Cloud will be getting an alternate Final Smash for his “Player 2” variants.

Next, Sakurai revealed a look at Sephiroth’s stage, which is called Northern Cave. This stage will feature references from the end of Final Fantasy VII and Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Fourth, Sakurai took a look at Sephiroth’s Classic Mode, which is known as the Chosen Ones. In his Classic Mode players will be able to fight off the various bosses in the game essentially making his Classic Mode a Boss Rush mode.

Sixth, Sakurai revealed the songs that will be included with Sephiroth.

The tracks include:

  • Opening – Bombing Mission
  • Those who Fight (AC Version)
  • Those who Fighter Further (AC Version)
  • Aerith’s Theme
  • Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
  • Cosmo Canyon
  • One-Winged Angel
  • Advent: One-Winged Angel

Sixth, Sakurai revealed that Sephiroth will be available on December 22 and will also be available separately priced at $5.99.

Seventh, Sakurai revealed that a special Sephiroth Mode will be available for a limited time. Players will be able to fight Sephiroth and will be able to unlock him and his stage before the official release date. Keep in mind players will need to pre-purchase the character on his own or purchase the second Fighters Pass to unlock this mode. The mode will be available starting today and will be available until December 22 at 5 PM PT. 

Lastly, Sakurai revealed new song options for the various Battlefields.

Source: Nintendo

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