Invincible Teaser Trailer

Good morning heroes! Today, we have a teaser trailer for the upcoming animated series Invincible which is based on a comic by Ryan Ottley, Robert Kirkman, and Cory Walker. This is a mature superhero comic and the trailer follows that with some gore shown. Now, with that being said I was excited to see this trailer show up after Amazon talked about making a Invincible animated series. Personally, I love this more so than Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic by far. I think the best part about Invincible is that it ended when it needed too instead of dragging itself out month to month. Alright, enough talking, lets check out the teaser down below.

In terms of cast we have Steven Yeun as our main character Invincible. Whereas, J.K Simmons is playing Omni-Man which fans can hear clear in the trailer. Sandra-Oh is playing Debbie Grasyon and so many more actors that are apart of this series. I am looking forward to seeing everyone watch a more mature animated series instead of the usual comedic stories we get, which is to say they aren’t terrible. I’m just happy to see a shake up. Invincible is set to hit Amazon Prime streaming service in 2021.

Source: YouTube

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