Tales of Arise Official Reveal Trailer Streamed

Microsoft’s E3 2019 recently finished, which revealed several new games that will be released for the Xbox consoles and more. During the presentation they revealed a new game in the long running Tales of” series. The latest game will be known at “Tales of Arise,” and it seems to be designed quite differently compared to the previous titles in the series. No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Personally I been a fan of the franchise since “Tales of Symphonia,” which was the first game that was released in the West. While I haven’t played every single game in the series I did enjoy the various titles that were released in the past. After seeing this short trailer I think it looks very intriguing since they seem to be ditching the standard battle formula that was seen in the previous titles. While its hard to say that potential change can be considered a good thing, I will most likely delve into this game as soon as we know more information about it.

Source: IGN 

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