Dragon Ball Project Z E3 2019 Trailer Streamed

Microsoft’s E3 2019 presentation recently finished and earlier during the presentation they unveiled new details for Dragon Ball Project Z, which is now known as Dragon Ball Project Z Kakarot. Details for the game have been rather scare since it’s initial announcement during the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour 2019 so its nice to see more about the upcoming game. As revealed during the announcement the game will be an action RPG based on the Dragon Ball franchise. The E3 2019 trailer features a look at some minor gameplay elements and also showcases some major scenes from the series.

Not exactly sure what I think about this game still since Bandai Namco has yet to show any major gameplay elements. That being said I do enjoy the idea of another Dragon Ball RPG so hopefully this game will have some pretty decent combat elements and more.

Source: IGN

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