The Third Level – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid episode 5 Review

Think Pepopi-positively people! I know I have been, though it hasn’t helped my Rusty Knees…

Now, four Gashats are missing, and the Riders are put on the case… good thing Emu had come across the dude the Genm CEO fingered as the thief suffering from Bugster Infection. Convenient isn’t it?


Natuarally, the guy runs after Brave and Asuna arrive on the scene, though they quickly run into a Robot Bugster with the Gekitotsu Robots Gashat embeded in its’ skull. Too bad Kamen Rider Genm appears, kicks it to Level 3 and kicks ass before vanishing with the robot.


Later, the Genm CEO has a chat with Emu, how not every patient is a good person, with Emu not buying it. Things kick in to High Gear when all 4 Riders, plus the Robot Bugster and Genm, all tangle in a damn good fight scene; though Brave, Lazer and a bit later Snipe all get rekt. The thief is soon revealed to Graphite (not really a surprise) as it comes down to Level 3 Genm, the Robot and Ex-Aid! Emu wastes no time getting an attack power-up and wasting the Robot.


Ex-Aid Levels up himself, thanks to Gekitotsu Robots, and proves to be equal with Genm, hitting him with a Critical Strike before he runs off. Then the big reveal occurs, the Genm CEO is Kamen Rider Genm… Ok!?!

My Thoughts:

In all it was a fun Power-Up episode! The battle royal like fight was highly entertaining, Gemn is the real MVP everytime he shows up. However the reveal being that Gemn is the CEO was pretty obvious and bad, but hey this is a kid’s show so I cannot entirely complain with the simple ‘mysterious character’ trope.

Rating: 4 out 5

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