Transformers Generations Selects Leader Class “Galactic Man” Shockwave & Deluxe Class Lancer Revealed

The official Transformers Facebook page has updated with the some official reveals in the Transformers Generations Selects line.

The first reveal is Transformers Leader Class “Galactic Man” Shockwave, which is a repaint of Leader Class Shockwave. The color scheme closely resembles Astro Magnum, which was a toy released by the Korean toy company, ToyCo. ToyCo licensed the original “Shockwave” mold and released them exclusively in Radioshack stores.

The second reveal is Transformers Deluxe Class Lancer. Lancer was one of the original female Autobots that appeared in the episode, “The Search for Alpha Trion” from The Transformers animated series. She will be able to combine with the other female Autobot combiner limbs to become Orthia.

That’s it for the Transformers reveals, however stay tuned for our coverage of the reveals at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

Source: Transformers



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