Tsuburaya Productions Announces Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Today, Tsuburaya Productions confirmed and announced the next installment within the Ultra Galaxy Fight web-series. Titled, Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, this mini-series may feature a time-traveling theme, as major historical events in the Ultra Series are in a crisis or being highlighted. From the trailer below, fans will see Alien Emperor is seen attacking the Land of Light, Ultraman Belial is being tempted by darkness, and Ultraman Tregear begins his battle with Ultraman Taro.

In addition, the Guar Army from Andro Melos will return in this series, as well as other legacy characters like Ultraman Great, Ultraman Powered, and Ultraman Ribut. Whereas, other returning legacy characters consist of Ultraman Neos, Ultraseven 21 and Ultraman Max. However, to solve this mystery that is unfolding the New Generation Heroes and Ultraman Zett may have to go through the golden giant, Absolute Tartarus. Now, is this new Ultra-like being friend or foe?! We do not know, so will have to find out that answer when Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy premieres in Winter 2020.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will be directed entirely by action director, Koichi Sakamoto. Whereas, Junichiro Ashiki will be providing the series screenplay. The mini-series will span 10-episodes, but will later be compiled into a single feature on home video. The series will be made available for streaming on Tsuburaya Productions’ official Ultraman channel on YouTube, and feature English subs.


Source: Ulltraman Galaxy

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