Tsuburaya Productions Releases Ultraman Decker “Main Story” Trailer

Recently, Tsuburaya Productions released the official trailer for the next installment within the Ultra Series, Ultraman Decker. For those unaware, this series was announced in early 2022, while an early premise trailer was presented in late March. The upcoming series is a sequel to the previous installment, Ultraman Trigger, with both shows reimagining Ultraman Tiga and Dyna. Since Ultraman Decker is reimagining Ultraman Dyna, the series takes place several years after Ultraman Trigger. However, the time between both series has not been determined, so we can assume it is more than five years. At least, that is our assumption since the time between Ultraman Tiga: Final Odyssey and Ultraman Dyna was roughly that.


Now, this new trailer titled, “Main Story Digest,” reintroduces fans to the world of Ultraman Trigger. However, it updates viewers with the changes that have occurred since the Ultraman Trigger film. Whereas, it begins with our new protagonist Kanata Asumi (portrayed by Hiroki Matsumoto) becoming Ultraman Decker and joining GUTS-Select. Once Kanata joins the team, the trailer presents the current day GUTS-Select members who are all new characters. Also, the Nursedessi was restored to active duty, as well as given an additional fighter jet, the GUTS Hawk. Then, the trailer gives viewers a newer look at the Ultra D Flasher and Ultraman Decker’s forms. Finally, as the thumbnail teases, the last thing shown is Ultraman Decker’s signature weapon the Shield Caliber. Unfortunately, the trailer does not have English subtitles, but below is a breakdown of the cast and new additions.

Current Day GUTS-Select, the Anti-Sphere Unit

Ichika Kirino is the series’ heroine, a member of the newly reformed GUTS-Select for their Anti-Sphere Unit. She is a Ground Assault Operative who is bright and optimistic, with a strong sense of duty. Also, she is overly athletic, and uses her small stature to easily avoid danger. Furthermore, because she tend to be hot-blooded but smart, the captain likes to refer to her as a “headstrong genius.” Ultimately, Ichika wants to bring peace back for the Earth, and save her friends who have been captured during Sphere’s attacks. Now, Ichika Kirino is portrayed by Yuka Murayama, with this being her first main leading role.


Soma Ryumon is Kanata’s friend and rival within GUTS-Select’s Anti-Sphere Unit. Soma is the current pilot of the GUTS Falcon, which was repurposed from being a drone into an active jet. He is always calm and collected, while trying not to show his true emotions. Also, he joined GUTS-Select against his father’s wishes, after being rescued by a TPU member as a child. Furthermore, he seeks to prove to his father that he has made the right choice regarding his future. Whereas, Soma Ryumon is played by Nobunaga Daichi, who is another up-and-coming actor like Yuka Murayama.


Yuichiro Asakage is a scientist assigned to assist GUTS-Select from TPU’s technology division. He develops the team’s weapons and combat vehicles, while making visits to the Nursedessei. Yet, even though he is a scientist, if called into battle he can pilot mechs or give tactical commands. Surprisingly, Yuichiro Asakage is portrayed by Yu Koyanagi who previously played Run, Ultraman Zero’s first host! However, that was twelve years in the 2010 film, Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial.

Sawa Kaizaki is the Vice-Captain of the reformed GUTS-Select, and she is the main operator of the Nursedesei. She acts as the team’s dependable older sister-like figure to the younger team members. Also, she is the team’s leading authority on monsters holding a doctorate in biology. Now, like Yuichiro Asakage, Sawa Kaizaki is played by another Ultra Series returning actress, former AKB48 member, Sae Miyazawa. Interestingly, Sae Miyazawa previously portrayed another character named Sawa in the 2012 film, Ultraman Saga. However, it is hinted that both Sawa’s may possibly be the same individual rather than two separate characters.


Taiji Murahoshi is the current Captain of the reformed GUTS-Select, and he is a former ace pilot. When monster attacks became rare following the events of Ultraman Trigger, he left the frontlines to work elsewhere within TPU. During that time, he was the principal of a TPU training school for new recruits. However, after the Sphere attacked he returns to active duty, being assigned as the current captain. Whereas, he is an overall calm person that is always smiling, but strong to the core. Whenever Captain Murahoshi is angered, he removes his glasses, but somehow never loses his smile. Now, Taiji Murahoshi is portrayed by Masaya Kikawada who has appeared in multiple tokusatsu programs. Among his tokusatsu roles, he is best known as Takeshi Hongo/ Kamen Rider 1 in Kamen Rider The First and The Next.

HANE2 (Hiroshi Tsuchida)

Then the new GUTS-Select team, will be accompanied by the AI Unit “HANE2” which pilots the GUTS Hawk. The character is reference to mascot character as seen in Ultraman Dyna, Hanejiro. However, rather being an adorable and intelligent alien creature, the HANE2 is essentially an astromech droid. Yet, HANE2 will be voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida who is better known in North America for his various anime roles. Whereas, Mr. Tsuchida’s anime roles include titles like Naruto, One Piece, Soul Eater, Pokémon and the Yakuza video game franchise. Though, long-time tokusatsu fans, especially Super Sentai fans, will recognize Hiroshi Tsuchida as Saizo/ NinjaBlue in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


GUTS-Select’s New Jet, The GUTS Hawk

As shown in the trailer, GUTS-Select will receive a new fighter jet in the form of the GUTS Hawk. In addition, we previously mentioned that it will be piloted by HANE2. However, this new vehicle will work alongside the restored GUTS Falcon, and even combine with it. Whereas, the combination of the jets is called the GUTS Griffon, but no other details are confirmed at this time. Ultimately, this is a more than welcomed throwback to previous Ultra Series’ monster prevention teams and their combining jets.

As reported previously, the lead director is Masayoshi Takesue who directed several episodes for the Ultra Series in the past. Whereas, Mr. Takesue’s most recent production as lead director for the Ultra Series was Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z. Then as for the series’ writing team, it consists of Tsuburaya Productions’ regulars, Toshizo Nemoto and Junichiro Ashiki. Finally, the series is still confirmed to make its premiere on TV Tokyo Network on July 9th at 9 am JST. Nevertheless, we look forward to Ultraman Decker, and hope it is an improvement from its predecessor.


Source: Tsuburaya Productions 

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