Ultraman Geed Episode 3 – Salaryman Zero Review

Ultraman Geed is seemingly getting better after its almost disappointing premier. Last week, we got a real introduction to our leading lady, Laiha Toba. In addition, we found out that our antagonist, Kei Fukuide is a popular author when not trying to destroy the universe. Yet, in today’s episode we are going to get the arrival of Ultraman Zero!



Ultraman Zero makes his way to Earth, however he discovers the Ultimate Aegis has been heavily damaged. Meanwhile, Ultraman Geed fights against Darkclops Zero, but is unable to handle it by himself. Zero steps and manages to fight off the Darkclops, as a weakened Geed reverts into Riku. Riku and friends get away to recover, as Zero notices a salaryman attempt to save a child. However, the man gets terribly injured, so Zero merges with him at the hospital to save his life. The man awakens panicked because he is later for work, and rushes off. Following the man’s day at work, he finally discovers his merger with Ultraman Zero as they fight off street punks. This salaryman, Reito, then heads home and makes Zero aware of his family.

At the Nebula House, Riku and Pega think to have REM e-mail the media informing them that Ultraman Geed is Earth’s ally. Yet, while surfing the net Pega discovers a boy with a Little Star; this boy is the same one Reito tried to save. Across town, Kei is meeting with a co-worker before becoming aware of the next Little Star, which Riku and company have found. The boy seeks to use his new power to help Geed. Nearby, Reito learns what occurred during the Crisis Impact and how Ultraman King gave his life to save Earth. Kei finally closes in summons forth three Darkclops Zeros to call out Geed. Zero watches the battle, refusing to transform due to his injuries. However, he believes Geed can manage a way to win.

Laiha watches the fight with the boy, and believes Geed will not win. However, the boy believes in Geed which releases the Little Star to Geed. This Little Star is revealed to be the Ultraseven Capsule! Riku quickly combines it with the Ultraman Leo Capsule to become Ultraman Geed Solid Burning. This surprises Zero, and makes him question everything. Now, as Solid Burning, Ultraman Geed manages to overpower and destroy the three Darkclops’. A few days pass, and Riku encounters the young boy at a Donshine gashapon machine, as Reito gains respect from the street punks.

My Thoughts:

Episode 3 of Ultraman Geed is the best episodes to date when it pertains to its self-contained story, as well as the overarching plot. Once Ultraman Zero obtained his host, and the introduction between the two is established, Zero confirms the Crisis Impact was averted by Ultraman King. That explanation easily confirmed the fan theories that rose from the prologue’s transition into the opening credits. From that explanation, it also helped to foreshadow the coming of Ultraman Geed’s form, Royal Mega Master.


In addition, to Zero’s arrival he immediately identified Ultraman Geed, as Belial’s son which also led to Riku realizing he needed to let the public know he was not the world’s enemy. Having this pseudo confrontation between the two Ultras should be considered as character development for Riku, since Laiha constantly points out how he is a novice. Furthermore, when Zero chose to not help Riku/ Geed in the final fight it allowed Riku to grow, even if it was an excuse to heal his injures. Zero’s sense of how an Ultra will overcome the odds also showed how he may serve as mentor to Geed in the episodes to come. However, my personal favorite thing about Zero’s official introduction to the series was his merger with Reito, as the scene is a callback to Ultraman Jack. Yet, that was not the only interesting thing as Reito’s wife, Lumina, is portrayed by Hitomi Hasebe; who previously portrayed Mizuki Koishikawa in Ultraman Max. Now, even though I dislike Ultraman Max, Mizuki was my favorite character on the show, so I am delighted to see Hitomi again in a supporting role.


This episode also managed to have a decent pacing between the various on-going plots, and the excessive amount of action that was provided. The debut of Solid Burning also features innovating ways for Tsuburaya produce their on-screen battles; even if its incorporating/ adapting styles and themes explored in its competitors’ programs. This is referring to Solid Burning’s thrusters being like the Gekirangers’ Super Mode, or mounting the Slugger to similar areas in which FangJoker’s fangs appear. Now, these are not the only additions to series discovered in this form, but Geed also now is equipped with a living armor-like plating over his body. Personally, I heavily favor the mountable Slugger aesthetic, as it is a gimmick that should have been attempted sooner. Whereas, the living armor plating and thrusters feel like gimmicks Tsuburaya should consider for a live-action adaptation of the Ultraman manga, if there ever is to be one.Ha


Now, overall there were not many or any issues with this episode. I think for viewers who have felt uneasy about this series like myself need not to worry any further. Hopefully, this expectation I have is proven to be true with the introduction of AIB in the next episode. One thing that I look forward to is the involvement of the Alien Pitt species, and Eleking. This may be a callback or homage to episode 3 of Ultraseven, but who really knows at this point?


Rating: 4 out of 5

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