[Interview] Ultraman Max Star & Ultraman Connection Host Sean Nichols

For the last week, we at Hero-Club have been promoting the heck out of this new and upcoming interview. Thankfully, today is the day in which we can officially present that featured interview to everyone. Like the title states, our guest this time is Ultraman Max star and the host of Ultraman ConnectionSean Nichols. Surprisingly, this interview was something our site was trying to arrange since the start of Ultraman Connection in 2021. However, our staff came across a few roadblocks until late July when we managed to contact Mr. Nichols. Shortly afterwards, we scheduled and conducted the interview, but our previous interview with Steve Kramer took priority in August. Then to compromise with Sean and our schedules following Power Morphicon, we insisted the interview would be published for his birthday. So, that is how everything led us all to this very specific moment!


Now, the following interview was conducted in early August through Zoom, so multiple parts were edited together. The interview is hosted by Hero-Club founders Soundout, and myself (Wheelchair21). Whereas, during the interview with Sean Nichols, we ask how he got into show business, especially being in Japan. In addition, we discuss his time on Ultraman Max, but it is mostly between Sean and myself. Sadly, Soundout has not seen the series yet, even though it was on Crunchyroll for multiple years. Furthermore, we talk about Sean’s recent work with the Ultra Series as the host of Ultraman Connection. So, with the introduction out of the way, readers please enjoy the video interview down below:

Anyway, this concludes our interview with Ultraman Max’s and Ultraman Connection’s Sean Nichols for the moment. Especially, since we had a lot fun discussing the Ultra Series, and could not get to every question. However, Sean says we can do another interview once Mill Creek Entertainment releases Ultraman Max in North America. So, until that second interview can happen, we hope readers look forward to our interviews from Power Morphicon. Also, in the near future we will host another interview with an Ultraman related guest due to Sean’s help.


Finally, Hero-Club would like to thank Sean Nichols again for the interview, and collaborating with us. Whereas, for those unaware, fans can follow Sean Nichols on social media via Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn. So, with everything going on here, we hope fans look forward to everything Hero-Club has planned. Nevertheless, to keep up to date with Hero-Club, we suggest that people should follow us across social media using @HeroClubLife!

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