Ultraman Orb Episode 24 – The Ultimate King Devil Beast Strikes Back Review

We now come to part two of the Ultraman Orb finale! In this episode Juggler reveals to the world that the Orochi is making its return, and will be fully evolved. How will Orb be able to defeat the revived behemoth, which now calls its self the Magata no Orochi?


Demaaga, Gomess, and Telesdon surface in the city, but quickly die as soon as Orb appears. Naomi attempts to play out her dream of Orb’s battle with Zetton, trying to claim more of her great grandmother’s memory before waking up to an odd heat wave in December. Gai takes an interest in Naomi’s dream, as she says she was saved by somebody during the explosion and has Gai question but then play it off. Meanwhile more UFO sightings occur as they leave Japan, as well as the nearby aquatic kaiju leaving Japan’s water; however Shin and Jetta believe the newly discovered lost Pacific Records pages maybe of use to the current chain of events. VTL begins questioning Juggler on what is truly going on, and it is revealed to be the return of the Orochi, the Magata no Orochi to be exact! VTL begins a counterstrike before the monster can be revived, but Shin and Jetta discover this is all part of an odd prophecy that must play out.

Gai goes to see Juggler, and learns Juggler lured VTL into a trap, fulfilling the prophecy! Gai rushes out knowing he is too late to stop the missile, but may have enough time to stop Orochi. They set forth for their rematch as Gai attempts to defeat it again as Thunder Breaster, but is ultimately force to assume Origin form. Magata no Orochi is a true monster that overpowers Orb, as it has to ability to use all the elements of the previous King Devil Beasts and actually feeds off the Orb Supreme Calibur. Juggler manages to escape his holding and exit VTL, as Orb is struck down by the Orochi. Naomi rushes to Gai to insure his safety, but Juggler rips her away from him. He applauds Gai’s courage and tells him to prepare for the ultimate hell. That hell being the death of the person he cares for the most, Naomi, as Juggler proceeds to cut her down!

My Thoughts:

With episode 24 as part two of the finale it begun with a solid bang, but then simmered into a slow burn before it escalated into insanity! The opening scenes with the dying kaiju, the fleeing aliens, and fleeing kaiju like the Ragons was a great way to foreshadow the Orochi’s revival. Then with the incorporation of the prophecy found in the Pacific Records it set forth an unsettling notion that everything could have been averted had S.S.P. received the hidden pages sooner. I would even include that the prophecy further hints and/or imposes that Gai’s and Juggler’s lives have always had their destinies set in stone as enemies, or simply as pivotal players to decide the fate of the world/universe. Also I want to say Naomi trying to gather more from Natasha’s memory further set up events not just within this episode, as in her own possible death, but for the next episode. Just the dream felt more akin to the series than the revelation that all this was prophesied centuries ago; Haruka’s warning in the previous episode was more relevant than this one since the Pacific Records only seemed to focus on events from the past. I just think this prophecy is unneeded padding!

Magata no Orochi

Now, Magata no Orochi which is Maga Orochi’s true evolution is honestly a ridiculous form and practically a gluttonous behemoth head on legs. I think it is actually underwhelming compared to its larval stage. Its coolest attributes are its elemental abilities based on the other Kings, and the ability to devour anything from resources to energy. Gai thinking to combat it with Thunder Breaster was loosely an ideal move to combat it, seeing that the form was stronger than the Orochi’s previous form, but would have been smart to have just gone straight to Origin form. Orb’s defeat is a necessary one to add to drama, as well as most finales pull this stunt in the Ultra series, it is one of the common tropes one may find. However in this case we got a cherry on top with this cliffhanger ending, Naomi is probably dead! Juggler slicing her down is a huge impact to the show at this moment until everything is confirmed in the next episode. We, the viewers, do not know if she truly lives or dies, this is a big thing adding to the intensity! My initial reaction to this was “No, no! Not ‘Ultimate Hell’! Don’t you do this Juggler! No, no! NOOOOOO!” as well as references to the Flash season 3 midseason scene where Barry watched future Iris die. This single moment drew me in further, and the suspense is killing me! It also leaves me conflicted; do I want this to be a permanent death, or do I want Naomi to be miraculously brought back? I am seriously unsure of what option I truly want, I feel like seeing how it plays out with how I’ll decide on things. Hopefully if its miraculous revival it will not be some “ass-pull” moment such as a senior Ultra appearing to restore it.


The ending of the episode makes want to give this episode the highest score possible which is FIVE, but due to a slow start and lackluster evolution to our final boss I simply cannot! Now, episode 25 is ultimately going to be a make or break episode with how everything has turned out and become a huge game changer. I wish there was a few more episodes because I fear not everything I want cannot be packed into this next episode, but I will remain hopeful that it can be. Once it is live on Crunchyroll, one can bet their butts that I will be immediately tuning in to witness this epic conclusion!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Lourdes Reina
Lourdes Reina
7 years ago

Hi, you can tell me who is the author of the images that are made in red and black that you use at the beginning of each description of an episode of ultraman orb. I want to talk about that person in a class at my university. Thank you

Lourdes Reina
Lourdes Reina
7 years ago

Hi, I study graphic design, I like ultraman orb and those images that are placed when they are going to start the chapters, I want to take an image of those to present it in a task that they sent me, but they ask me what is the name of the designer, what is the trend Of that designer and why he uses those colors. I can not find the name, that’s why I’m asking you, thank you