Review: Star Wars 6 Inch Black Series C 3PO Original Trilogy Version

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another review. Today we will be looking at the Walgreens exclusive 6 Inch Black Series C-3PO.  I will say this before anything else, I personally think that Hasbro really went overboard to make the Original Trilogy design of C-3PO as a Walgreens exclusive. Seeing as the line was heavily OT based for a while it was expected to see this figure get released in the main retail line. Walgreens exclusives are some in my opinion the hardest to get especially since I have yet to see any exclusive Star Wars 6 Inch Black Series figures at my local stores. Anyways ranting aside, the figure is pretty good regardless of it not being chrome. While the figure is not the most articulated figure in the line the articulation points it does have is good enough for the character. The figure does scale decently to his “buddy in crime,” R2-D2, but any faults really is because that figure is out of scale. In conclusion this is a must get figure if you are fan of the Original Trilogy and hopefully the figure will have a much better distribution just before the year ends.

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