Unboxing Toy Con 2019: Marvel Legends Reveals

Hasbro has recently released official images of the Marvel Legends reveals at Unboxing Toy Con 2019. Both figures will be apart of an upcoming Spider-man wave, which currently does not have an associated Build a Figure with the wave. The wave is set to release in Spring 2020.

The reveals include:

  • White Rabbit
  • Superior Octopus

However, the wave will fully consist of:

  • Velocity Suit Spiderman (Marvel’s Spiderman)
  • Spider-Armor Mark III (Marvel’s Spiderman)
  • Shang-Chi
  • White Rabbit
  • Superior Octopus
  • Vulture (Classic)

Now, looking at this wave it will be very interesting to see what the Build a Figure will turn up as. While the wave is mostly Spiderman based as usual it does not seem to match a specific theme, so it is hard to predict exactly what parts they will contain. 

Source: Hasbro

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