DC Universe Titans Episode 8 “Donna Troy” Review

After some delays due to writer’s block and other recent events, I finally return to the world of Titans. Episode 8 features the live-action debut of Donna Troy, better known as Wonder Girl. Now without further delay, let’s dive into Titans Episode 8, “Donna Troy.”


[Warning: The following review contains several spoilers]


The previous episode of Titans, “Asylum,” is the most intense episode of the series to date! Luckily, it seems like the producers decided that it was time for a breather in the form of Donna Troy. Donna manages to bring a new light into the series both with her presence, as well as her debut episode’s tone. We open on the Titans regrouping after their escape from the Asylum. Rachael’s mother suggests they go find her old townhouse and all go to live there. However, Dick decides to leave the team and find his own path in life. Dick then calls up his childhood friend, Donna Troy, who agrees to let Dick stay at her apartment until he finds his new place in the world.


Starting with our character breakdown this week is Dick Grayson. In the previous episode, Dick decides to burn the Robin costume, and now he is on a quest to find his new life. Seeking out Donna is his safest play, as she has given up the Wonder Girl persona at this point in her life. Donna is able to give Dick the advice that quitting is easy, if one wants to quit, but Dick clearly wants to continue fighting as a hero just not as Robin. It is becoming very clear that Dick is on the path to becoming Nightwing in the very near future. During his time with Donna, Dick attends an art gallery for her photographs, where Donna tells Dick to try and mingle with “normal people.” Quickly into the art exhibition, Donna receives a call to go cover a story for her job, and tells Dick to stay behind. However, Dick does not agree on the decision and follows after Donna. This leads to Dick screwing up Donna’s lead in taking down animal poachers, similar to when Dick ambushed Tony Zucco’s transfer in the past. Yet, Donna is able to salvage Dick’s interference, by making it seem she was attacked too. From all this it shows that Dick still has a lot of growing to do within the coming episodes, especially with Rachael and Kory’s storylines ramping up.


Then as for Rachael, her mother, Kory and Gar, they spent this episode traveling on a train. It is nice to see some quieter moments with these characters. Rachael and her mother seem to be reconnecting nicely, but there is something off about the mother that makes me very suspicious. Whereas, I really enjoyed the moments between Gar and Kory as its something we really have not seen yet. These two have not shared a scene together alone before, and it is nice to see them talk things out, mostly about Gar’s relationship with Rachael. Gar is uneasy when talking to Kory about Rachael which cements the implication from earlier that he has feelings for her. Also, we see Gar try alcohol for the first time which Gar does not take well, he is a major lightweight! However, these quiet moments on the train are interrupted as Kory notices someone following them. After interrogating the guy, it seems like he was just a guy interested in Kory for her looks, but soon discover that he is actually a US Marshall; one that has been looking for Kory ever since she lit the gas station on fire. Once Kory realizes what is going on, she gets Gar, Rachael and Rachael’s mother to leave the train to then proceed to light the thing on fire. Rachael and friends managed to get a truck to pick up Kory, and escape to the townhouse. Once there, Rachael convinces Kory to try allow her to try healing Kory’s brain, so that her memories will return. This backfires though as Kory proceeds to attack Rachael with the intent to kill.



Finally, let us discuss the main attraction, Donna Troy. Conor Leslie perfectly portrays Donna in one of the most accurate comics to live-action interpretations in a DC television series. Now I do not say that lightly either, but when I watch Conor as Donna I see the character come to life in a way I have not before. Donna Troy has not been given much of focus in media outside of comics, even in the animated realm, so to see her here is a treat. Donna has a history with Dick as they spent time together as kids while Batman and Wonder Woman would meet to talk business, usually with the Justice League. This bond formed between the two of them feels real and both actors carry that history in their interactions with each other throughout the episode. They genuinely feel like close friends and that is something that is difficult to pull off in film. We learn that Donna left behind her life as Wonder Girl because she feels like she can do more as Donna Troy instead. Now, as a photographer, Donna not only is able to capture the world through a lens, but also use her photography to uncover the hidden evils of the world. The episode also hints towards her Amazonian abilities such as agility and strength. I am hoping we get to see a lot more from Donna in the future, as she has quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the series.


“Donna Troy” is a great episode! While the events are not completely earth shattering, the levity brought in by the arrival of Donna and the lighter moments with our characters is quite welcome. The break here is nice but the next episode seems to take an unexpected detour that I did not see coming. Nevertheless, in the next episode we are going back in time to see the origins for both, Hawk and Dove.


Soundout Side Notes:

  • Donna said she kept her costume, perhaps we will get to see it one day.
  • Gar got completely hammered from a single shot of whiskey. Good job Kory!
  • Kory really is not going to help her case of avoiding the cops by burning a train.
  • Donna is amazing. Just wanted that to be clear.
Disclaimer: DC Universe did not sponsor this review; the reviewer purchased their own subscription in order to see the series for review.

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