Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Episode 40 & 41 review

It is cold outside, and loosily adds to my terrible ability to procrastinate. Yet, again I will double-up the episodes into a double-feature review for the day!


Episode 40 put a twist on the “bullied kid fights back” plot, with the victim seemingly wanting to become a bully himself. Now, this becomes a Leo centered episode, where he trains the boy and hopes the boy will use the new strength wisely. However that does not go according to plan!


When the boy doesn’t do as Leo taught him, Leo put’s himself in harms way to show him what “A Man’s worth” is. The answer being  one of Zordon’s rules, the one about using power only for self-defense or for the protection of others. It helps that the MOTW is a high shcool thug right out of an anime; he also reminds me of the biker-lobster monster from Gingaman.

My Thoughts:

The lesson in the end is a good one, but the way the episode delivers it is not the best. Heck I would ever dare say it was the worst I have ever seen.  I chalk that up to the part where Leo wanted to straight up throw the kid off a cliff at one point.

Rating: 2 out of 5


Now, episode 41 signals the beginnng of the end as the final arc starts with this one. Kubar takes his shot at killing Genis, but in a way where he’ll trick the Zyuohgers into doing his dirty work. He sets it up where the Zyuohgers think Genis as kidnapped Misao and Genis believes the Zyuohgers have Naria. Kubar manages this through capturing Naria himself when she caught onto his plans.


Genis in typical Final Boss style, is not fooled at all and only came to kill Kubar. Genis also powers himself up using the data he gathered from Cube Whale. The episode ends with Misao still missing, Kubar’s plan in ruins, Genis in his One Winged Angel form, and Bard seemingly shocked that Alzald is made of cubes…

My Thoughts

I think Episode 41 was not the best kick-off to the final arc I have seen. However Genis’ final form is amazing as all hell, and not tired of these badass winged-villains unlike Darkon. Kubar getting fubarred is expected, even if he should of had some leverage with the Bangley clone. If he had some leverage in his revenge this would make for a more interesting start.

Rating: 3 out 5

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