Kamen Rider Ex-Aid episode 10 & 11 review

The short, short version of the story is that I couldn’t be tasked to do a review last week because of not feeling up to it. Now, I have to do two while sitting at the airport waiting for a connecting flight. Isn’t this just the merriest of Christmas’?


Episode 10 taught Emu, in the Iron Sheiks words “to be Humble” after getting owned by DragonKnight Hunter Z’s power. Learning that doctors have to work together with their compatriots. Knowing it will be hard to do, Emu then essentially tricks the others into working together against Graphite. Now, everyone can share in the Not-Monster Hunter Gashat’s power (thought one would need to buy another set for Lazer’s action figure).


Graphite is dead I guess, everyone is saved, and this somewhat  down beat episode ends.

My Thoughts:

The tone of this episode was a dour one for most of it. At least that was before Emu  learnt his lesson.  It was overall fairly  decent.

Rating: 3 out 5


Episode 11 features Emu’s internship nearing its end, all while he has to deal with a kid who hates Christmas (likely because of his Workaholic, never there Mother)! The kid is obviously infected with a leveled up Bugster. Luckily is Ex-Aid can keep pace now, though Genm shows up to mess everything up for him.


But the big story note for the episode is that the Genm CEO is finally outed as the Black Ex-Aid! This is after Emu uses the power of unity between the Riders to kick his ass. Yet, now the Riders will have to deal with ZOMBIE CEO!

My Thoughts:

This was a fun little episode that furthered the plot! How the Riders came to finally discover Kiriya told the truth about the CEO is Gemn was solid. I even enjoyed his motives for all these crazy antics were over making the ultimate video game! That is the weirdest reason to be the “Bad Guy”, but I love it! The fights were incredible too, and I cannot wait to see our Zombie Rider.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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