Millennium's Mind: Saban's Power Rangers by Lionsgate

Hello there Hero Club, as one can see I am obviously new here, so I’ll introduce myself before we get to my topic for the day. I am called ZeltraxMillennium, or ZM for short! I am an up and coming reviewer preferably for toys, TV shows, movies, and etc. Along with that I also customize toys in either my personal collection, or for others as I do host and accept commissions.

Now, I would suppose would be the best time to begin addressing the topic for the day, Saban’s Power Rangers by Lionsgate. I like a lot of people grew up on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers back in 1993. I was three years old when “Day Of The Dumpster” first aired, and the show hooked me ever since. Power Rangers has been on the Big Screen before, with VARYING results. The first movie was an alternate take on Season 3’s opening arc was great, and I think it even made back its budget. Whereas the second movie sever as the introduction for Turbo, and even though it was canon it wasn’t as good. That would also transition into further problems for the first half of the actual season as well, if one asked me!

When it was announced that Lionsgate (YES that same company that ok’ed Twilight & 50 Shades of Gray) was gonna tackle a full-on REBOOT of the show several people grew up with and go back to the original concept of teens with attitude, the internet and fandom quickly began pounding their keyboards in defiance. Every single time there is a new reveal from Lionsgate or Bandai about the new movie, people just spew hatred and contempt for this movie like Jonathan Tzachor had for the legacy of the franchise during Super Megaforce.

However I am here to offer my own opinions on everything that has been revealed about the movie so far. Unlike most people who have doubts towards this film I remain optimistic and willing to give the film a chance. Now, before any decides to simply rage in the comments below, or the site’s and mine own various social media oulets let me easily explain why I and maybe others should see this movie in a different light. We will need to start from the beginning of this whole thing…

  1. Rita Repulsa: When the first image of Rita was released, people immediately attacked it for not being the traditional outfit acquired from Zyuranger’s Bandora. To expect the reboot to have the same outfit for Rita is absurd! That kind of costume in today’s world would NEVER work unless the original character was to reappear in the television series, giving Rita a modern day make-over was inevitable. In addition her new backstory is very interesting as she might have been a Ranger on Zordon’s old team in this movie, specifically the GREEN RANGER. Later information did however confirm this possiblity, when it was announced the her staff houses the Green Power Coin. Another speculation has been she killed the previous Green Ranger and claimed the coin, or managed to create her own. That to me sounds a lot more interesting than complaining about the removal of her Madonna-like drill boobs.
  2. The Ranger Suits: I do not understand the obsession people have toward the spandex, and thinking it needs to be apart of the new movie. In my opinion, using spandex would make the movie look cheesy and fake. Preferably I want the suits to be similar to the original 1995 movie suits that were armor plated; luckily these like a bit of both worlds even if it is mostly CG. People joke they are too Guyver-ish, but how is that problem? With that idea it mind it would easily explain how the new movie suits could take a beating. Another cool attribute is that the glowing diamonds on their chest is an actual on-screen connection to the Morphin Grid!
  3. The Morphin Grid: I began to notice early on in a lot of the promotional material and on the toys that they mention the Morphin Grid, a lot! Back in the original show, we never really got a look into the Morphin Grid, or what it actually WAS on screen (unless someone counts that time in Operation Overdrive), so the new movie may give us probably the best explanation for the Morphin Grid we’ve ever gotten! Now, that is kinda cool and be great for forming a foundation to future sequels.
  4. The Casting of the Rangers: The cast they got for the parts of Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimberly are all relatively unknowns, which was a BIG gamble to take, and I hope it pays off. Seeing the cast in the first teaser gave me some hope, and some laughs because Becky Gomez’s Trini has A LOT more sass added to the character. Personally I love girls with sass in them. Sadly, Zack didn’t get much to say, or do in the teaser as it was mostly Jason, Billy, and Kimberly stuff.
  5. Bryan Cranston as Zordon: This came as a surprise to everyone, that Mr. Breaking Bad himself would be playing Zordon. However he is no stranger to the show, as Bryan Cranston worked on MMPR as well as voiced the monster, Snizzard and Twin-Man. He is also claimed to be a Tokusatsu fan, and has range within his own acting ability, so there is nothing anyone should fear with his performance.
  6. The current promotional campaign for the movie: Now, this is a grey subject for me as I do agree with both sides of the fandom. I do not think revealing designs via the toys is not a great idea because of how it may not accurately transition well. For example paint details and overall mold/design as seen with the Megazord and most recently Goldar. The CGI concept art with Suits, and Alpha 5 is much better way however this method does probably help gauge profitablity for future products…

Now, all I am saying is that people should attempt throw out all previous misconceptions about the movie and just check it out for themselves. Who knows what can happen, maybe the film might surprise us all? The thing I hope for is that we will get to see a new trailer sometime next month, but I would not doubt it appears during the Super Bowl. Anyways I’m ZeltraxMillennium saying Sayonara, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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