Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 43 Review

Ghost limps on to the finale, and this time it is more of a stumble than ever. It is never a good thing when the endgame is nigh…

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This episode centers around the Demia project, a plan Igor (now Adel’s right hand man) has been working on for some time. Contact Lens that can (apparently) act like Bluetooth headsets, as well as form a sort of Nnetwork between users. Beta versions already sent out to millions are making their users super intelligent, but also controlled. Demia ultimately is meant to transform people in our world into Eycon’s, giving the Ganma world the power to create a perfect Utopia.

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Amongst all this is Takeru, who now only has 5 days left. His team quickly hit on the fact that the company that keeps on having Ganma stuff happen to it (one that totally isn’t being run by a White guy in league with the Ganma) is the one producing the Demia Lenses.

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Takeru does seem to be working out that these things may be connected, but Igor keeps getting in the way as the countdown to Demia’s pubic launch is quickly advancing. In the end Igor always just runs off each time, though the last time he does mange to turn a dozen people, including Onari, in to Eyecons. However Ghost and Necrom quick save them, minus Onari, who decides to posses Alian for some reason…

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Also, Adel destroying his own Eyecon has caused him to merge with the Great Eye, gaining God-like powers. He then demonstrates this by summoning and combining several Makoto clones, until there is only one, who seems to be the “True” one (this is coupled with the Deep Specter eycon flipping out all episode).

My Thoughts:

The episode seems to signifying  the beginning of the end, however the episode itself, falls flat on its face. It was just terrible with horrid pacing, and the plot/sub-plot feeling disjointed.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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