PMC 2016: Power Rangers Legacy Zeo Figures Announced

The next couple of waves for the Power Rangers Legacy 6 Inch toyline have been revealed at Power Morphicon 2016.

The next waves of the Power Rangers Legacy 6 Inch figures include:

PMC 2016 Power Rangers Legacy Zeo Rangers

  • Spring 2017 – MMPR Yellow, MMPR White, In Space Red, In Space Blue, In Space Pink
  • Fall 2017 – Zeo Gold, Zeo Yellow, Zeo Green
  • Late Fall 2017 – Zeo Blue, Zeo Red, Zeo Pink

Currently I am really excited for the full team of Power Rangers Zeo will be released soon in the 6 Inch Legacy line and I hope that Power Rangers In Space will also get a complete set released soon as well.

Source: Power Rangers Now

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