[Sneak Peak] Lee Tockar on Dragon Ball Z Kai (Ocean Group Dub)

The following is a promotional clip from our staff member, ZeltraxMillennium for his newest interview with voice actor Lee Tockar. The full interview will be posted onto the site later this week, or fans can currently watch it on Zeltrax’s YouTube Channel if they so please. Anyway, for those unaware, Lee Tockar has performed in several North American cartoons, and English anime dubs. Some of Mr. Tockar’s roles include Street Sharks, Beast Wars: Transformers, Monster Rancher, and Johnny Test. However, this promotional clip is regarding Mr. Lee Tockar’s role in the Ocean Group Dragon Ball Z Kai dub as Frieza!


Now, for American fans, little is known about this dub due to Funimation Entertainment’s distribution rights for Dragon Ball. Furthermore, Mr. Tockar is unaware what the entire situation is regarding the legal issues. Yet, Mr. Tockar does talk about the pros and cons on voicing one of the most iconic villains in anime. Nevertheless, readers please enjoy this sneak peak:

As mentioned earlier in the article, please stay tuned for Friday when we will publish the entire interview on the site. In addition, for fans interested in contacting or interacting with Mr. Lee Tockar, they can find him on Twitter. Furthermore, thanks again to our staff member, ZeltraxMillennium for allowing us access to this clip. Finally, check in with Hero-Club frequently for new updates, or follow us across social media using HeroClub4Life!

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