Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu Ep 90 – LIT VS LuPat: A Super Sentai Series Review

Welcome to an all-new episode of Hero Club’s first original podcast, “Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu!” Today’s episode is our review for the previous Super Sentai series, Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. The series is unique as it features two Sentai teams facing off with one another, using the motif of cops vs robbers. In addition, to the teams fighting one another they have to combat the inter-dimensional mafia known as Ganglers, who possess the highly sought after Lupin Collection. Nevertheless, this series review features Wheelchair21, Soundout12, and Visibleninja breaking down the show into three categories: story, characters, and mecha/theme/ toys. Also, by the end of the episode whose side will we be on, the Lupinrangers or the Patrangers?! Furthermore, what will be our verdict on the overall series?! Find out by listening to the show!

Next time on an all-new episode of Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu, we are doing an Ultraman themed episode; it will feature the debut of a discussion called “Load Your BattleNizer!” Our hosts will have to select a team of three kaiju based on the Mega Monster Battle concept! Who will end up reigning supreme as the one true Reionyx?!


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