Gundam X & Gundam Narrative NA Blu-Rays Announced

Today at Crunchyroll Expo 2019, Nozomi Entertainment announced two more Blu-Rays from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise that will be releasing in North America next year. These releases join the previous announced Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Ultra Edition and the teased Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Ultra Edition for 2020.


Mobile Suit Gundam NT/Narrative

The 2018 film, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative was the first release announced. While this announcement should not come as too big of a surprise with the film being heavily promoted in North America with its theatrical release. This release will be nice for fans who want a copy of the film without paying the premium price for the Japanese released Blu-Ray. Look for more information of the release in the near future.


After War Gundam X

The 1996 TV series, After War Gundam X is making its North American Blu-Ray debut in 2020. Originally released on DVD back in 2016 by NozomiGundam X will be getting re-released, but this time in full HD. The series was released on Blu-Ray in Japan in 2018 and featured a full remaster similar to the Wing, G and 00 remaster before it. Fans who previously bought the Nozomi DVD release might have the chance to trade-in their DVD copies for the upgraded Blu-Ray versions, but no confirmation of that program for this release has happened yet. Stay tuned for more details in the future.


Source: Nozomi Entertainment

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