[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #113 *Spoiler Free*

Good morning heroes, as today we are starting off with a review for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #113. Now, for those wondering, the issue releases tomorrow and this is an advance copy provided to us by Boom! Studios. As a result, we will try to avoid heavy spoilers, as our title implies, but some details will be explored. However, most longtime readers should already know what to expect from our spoiler free reviews here at Hero-Club. Anyway, in the last review, most of the Mighty Morphin’ team managed to regroup alongside their current known allies. Although, not everyone has been located yet, following the official start to the Darkest Hour event. So, the current team is looking to find their lost friends, and any other survivors able to combat Dark Specter. So, without further ado regarding this lengthy introduction, let us jump into the Morphin Grid for our review…


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice
  • Colorist:Raúl Angulo
  • Lettering: Ed Dukeshire
  • Writer: Melissa Flores
  • Designer: Madison Goyette
  • Darkest Hour Logo Designer: Dylan Todd
  • Assistant Editor: Kenzie Rzonca
  • Editor: Allyson Gronowitz
  • Cover Artist: Taurin Clarke
  • Hasbro Special Thanks to Irvin Ducournau, Tayla Reo, Michael Kelly & Ed Lane



Surprisingly, this issue begins in another dimension, specifically the that features the Amber Beach Dinosaur Zoo. So, this means we are getting to see the Power Rangers Dino Charge team make an appearance in the comics. Now, I cannot recall accurately, but I believe they had cameos during Shattered Grid, but they were not heavily featured. As a result, it is great to see them have more dialog here, and everyone sounds like themselves. Like when reading their portion, Melissa Flores managed to transition these characters perfectly to fit a comic adaptation. However, this is expected since Melissa was working with the brand around this time, so she must know them well. Although, the Dino Charge team’s appearance is to explain how they ended up in their current situation as seen previously. Also, I was not expecting Mistress Vile to compliment the Dino Charge team, as being “Powerful Rangers.” Personally, I enjoy when villains acknowledge their enemies’ strength and seemingly do not underestimate them either. Unfortunately, for the Dino Charge Rangers, Mistress Vile already had a plan to use the Morphing Grid’s infection against them.


Whereas, things then shift back to the present in Angel Grove, where Promethea is now a shelter for the citizens. Here, Billy arrives back to Earth first, and originally, he believes that he is in another dimension. Especially, when Billy encounters similar looking Rangers, who we know are Lord Drakkon’s new team which features the Coinless. So, Billy is not too happy when he discovers that everyone’s favorite evil Tommy is back in charge. However, this leads to many different interactions, as Drakkon begins searching for more allies across the universe and dimensions. Yet, we the readers already know Drakkon is trying to locate the HyperForce team, which he successfully does. So, there is an even bigger exposition dump explaining how, like the Shattered Grid, Rangers are slowly forming rebellion factions.


Meanwhile, on Safehaven, things have only worsened as Dark Specter made the location his new headquarters. During this scene readers will get to learn how Dark Specter is infecting the Morphing Grid, and his overall plan. Coincidentally, that plan seemingly does not have any holes either, at least on paper, but there might be some forming. So, I think this event is meant to put Dark Specter into an active role, where he will see action. Especially, since the character’s television counterpart mostly sat in the background scheming and acted menacing. Like I know some fans consider Dark Specter, ‘the Darkseid’ of the franchise, due his original inception and concept. So, I really hoping that this incarnation does more than standing around or sitting on his rear the entire time. Thankfully, I do not think that Melissa Flores, and company will let fans down expecting more from Dark Specter.


Finally, the book features Billy and ‘Coinless’ Trini going back to the Earth’s Master Arch at the Bermuda Triangle. Interestingly, it seems as if Billy intends to use Grace’s gift to restart the Master Arch to help locate Rangers. Yet, as they are setting up things, ‘Coinless’ Trini begins to make Billy understand how different their worlds are. Essentially, Billy sees things in black and white or good versus evil, while the Coinless have become grey. Especially, with everything that they have had to endure, they are only fighting to survive each and every day. So, Billy is forced to accept that now certain enemies are once again necessary allies to save the world. Also, this issue clarifies questions I had regarding Trini and Scorpina’s relationship following Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless #1. As a result, it seems ‘Coinless’ Trini and Scorpina are exploring a romantic relationship, or it is merely budding. However, it makes me wonder what the reaction will be when the two Trini’s meet, and discover their differences.


Anyway, returning to this issue’s conclusion, Grace’s gift seemingly works, but not as it is intended to. Although, I did cheer at the last panel, as to what Billy achieve to do, specifically who he summoned forth. However, without spoiling who arrived, I can say that for up-to-date readers they can easily figure it out. So, I am excited to see how things progress, since whenever the comics feature this character, they surpass my expectations. Whereas, for my other final thoughts, I found this issue hard discuss like the previous one without spoiling everything. Yet, I think I was able to express that I enjoyed them, and hope others look forward to issue 113. Honestly, I may have to just start adding disclaimers, so I can talk in greater detail on these stories. Ultimately, we will figure how to approach this minor dilemma when issue 114 drops next month. Nevertheless, I have been Ben Odinson, and I will see everyone later, which is whenever my next post will be…

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Power Coins


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