[Official Images] Juukou B-Fighter B-Commander Complete Edition

Last month, Premium Bandai teased that they would be releasing an updated B-Commander as seen in Juukou B-Fighter. However, North American fans probably recognize this item as the Beetle Bonder from its American adaptation in Big Bad Beetleborgs. Whereas, today we finally have the full details regarding this new version’s release, contents, and functions.


Titled, B-Commander Complete Edition, this item is made in the same vain as the Complete Selection Modification series. As a result, the product will not be exactly the same as the original 1995 deluxe toy released by Bandai. Instead this release will feature a more screen accurate look with interactive features including dialog from the cast. Unfortunately, the entire cast is not returning to re-record their lines from the series. Yet, the returning cast will include Takuya Kai/ Blue Beet (Daisuke Tsuchiya), Daisaku Katagiri/ G-Stag (Shigeru Kanai), and Kenzo Mukai (Takashi Sasano). Also, the product will include a BGM mode that features two tracks, the TV sized theme and “Ship! Beat Machines.” Whereas, another updated improvements are dedicated to the interior lights and mini-figurines required for the transformation sequence. Nevertheless, below is the official gallery and content listings for the product as provided by Bandai:

The set will include:

  • B-Commander
  • Blue Beet Horn
  • G-Stag Horns
  • Reddle Horns
  • 3 Painted Mini-Figures
  • 3 Translucent Mini-Figures
  • Display Pedestal
  • Instructions


Pre-orders for the B-Commander Complete Edition are currently open in Japan, with orders expected to close in March. Whereas, the set is scheduled to release later this year in June, and the set is priced at 13,200 yen. So, for those interested in purchasing this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service for more details.


Source: Premium Bandai

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