[Official Images] S.H.Figuarts Great Ape Vegeta

Back in October 2019, Tamashii Nations revealed a working prototype for S.H.Figuarts Great Ape Vegeta during their previous event. Then in the months following since October, Tamashii began posting various teasers regarding its release within 2020. Now as of today, we have that answer, as Tamashii Nations update their listings and opened its order page on Premium Bandai’s official store!


To begin, Tamashii Nations is promoting S.H.Figuarts Great Ape Vegeta as the largest Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts to ever be produced, as the figure will stand at 310 to 325mm (1 foot) tall. This figure will ultimately trump the previous Broly S.H.Figuarts releases which stand at nearly 7 to 9 inches tall. Furthermore, we do not expect Tamashii Nations making a S.H.Figuarts Hirudegarn in the near future. However, we expect a normal S.H.Figuarts Great Ape to be made in the future to represent either, Kid Goku and Kid Gohan. Then the figure will contain several optional parts and accessories to display Great Ape Vegeta throughout the course of the battle, as seen in both the manga and anime. In addition, the item will contain a special Tamashii stage to support the base figure. The entire accessory count and official gallery is available below from Bandai:

The figure will contain:

  • Optional Hand: 1 left, 2 right
  • Optional Goku Gripped Hands/ Effect
  • Optional Eye Parts
  • 2 Saiyan Tails: Normal, Cut Off
  • Miniature Yajirobe
  • Exclusive pedestal stage


Pre-orders for S.H.Figuarts Great Ape Vegeta open tomorrow, February 7 at 4:00 pm JST. The figure is priced at 18700 yen ($185 to $190 USD due to conversion rates), and orders are scheduled to release July 2020. For those who are interested in ordering this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service now! However, North American fans may have the possibility to order this item at retail, regularly through Bluefin Brands distribution.

Source: Premium Bandai

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