[Official Images] S.H.Figuarts Astra from Ultraman Leo

Recently, Tamashii Nations announced the official release details for the previously shown, S.H.Figuarts Astra from Ultraman Leo. For those unaware, the figure is based on the brother of the Ultra Series’ seventh entry’s titular character. Originally, Astra was believed to be dead after their home was destroyed, but he was captured by the Alien Magma. However, Ultraman King would eventually rescue him, and Astra would go onto occasionally appear to help his brother, Ultraman Leo. Also, Astra even became one of the Ultra Brothers like Leo, even though they were not born in Nebula M78. Furthermore, whenever Ultraman Leo appears in later and present productions, Astra usually appears to accompany his brother.


Now, the upcoming release for S.H.Figuarts Astra is based on the original suit as seen in the 1974 series. Whereas, the figure comes with specific accessories like Asta and Leo’s signature attack the Ultra Double Flasher. In addition, the figure comes with the Land of Light’s Ultra Key as seen episodes 38 and 39. For those unaware, the Ultra Key helps to maintain the planet’s orbit, as well as it possesses incredible energy. Furthermore, due to the item’s size it can be used as a supercharged firearm by any Ultra. Nevertheless, below is the official gallery and content listings for the figure as provided by Tamashii Nations:

This figure will contain:

  • Five Pairs of Optional Hands
  • Optional Red Color Timer
  • Optional Chest Parts
  • Ultra Double Flasher Effect
  • Ultra Key

Thankfully, unlike the 2011 or the 2014 Ultra-Act Astra releases, S.H.Figuarts Astra is going to be sold at retail. Currently, the figure is scheduled to be released in October and it is priced at 7,150 yen when including tax. Whereas, pre-orders for this item will officially begin to open at online retailers tomorrow, May 26th in Japan. So, North America fans should get ready for item listings for this figure to go live later tonight. Anyway, stay tuned to Hero-Club for more news or updates, and be to use @HeroClub4Life to find us on social media!


Source: Tamashii Nations

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