[Official Images] Super Mini-Pla Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive Grand Liner

Following the announcement of Super Mini-Pla Victory Robo, Bandai continued to tease that the carrier mecha, Grand Liner was on the horizon. Yet, Bandai overshot expectations as the company announced Super Mini-Pla Grand Liner will release alongside Victory Robo. However, due to its massive size the set is unfortunately a Premium Bandai exclusive. Now, as seen in the series, Grand Liner/ Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue’s Supertrain Megazord, the Super Mini-Pla will allow owners to store Victory Robo within it. In addition, the combined form will feature multiple points of articulation, that even includes elbow joints. Furthermore, Super Mini-Pla Grand Liner stands at nearly 27 cm tall (nearly 11 inches), towering over Victory Robo height of 15 cm (nearly 6 inches). Below is the official gallery from Bandai:

Pre-orders for Super Mini-Pla Grand Liner are scheduled to open tomorrow at 1:00 pm JST. The Super Mini-Pla set is priced at an amazing 12,000 yen (nearly $120 USD), with orders scheduled to ship in July 2020. Furthermore, like with Super Mini-Pla Victory Robo, Bluefin Brands has not confirmed if they will distribute the item to North America, so stay tuned for possible updates.


Source: Premium Bandai


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