[Official Images] Super Mini-Pla Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive Victory Robo

For months, Bandai began teasing that the next Super Mini-Pla Super Sentai releases would be based on mecha from the 23rd installment, KyuKyu Sentai GoGoFive. However, international fans may know the series as its American adaptation, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. The first Super Mini-Pla release for GoGoFive will feature the main mecha, Victory Robo/ Lightspeed Megazord. The set consists of the five individual rescue vehicles, the 99 Machines, that form the giant robot. For its accessory count, the Victory Robo set will include the Hover Gyro tow-cables, ladder arm extensions, saber, and additional hands. Below is the official product gallery from Bandai, with additional images on the Bandai Candy site blog:

Super Mini-Pla Victory Robo is retail release scheduled for July 2020. Pre-orders for this item will soon be made available at most online retailers. The entire set is priced at 5500 yen (nearly $55 USD), but will vary depending on stores and shipping. In addition, Bluefin Brands has not confirmed if they will distribute the item to North America, so stay tuned for possible updates.


Source: Bandai

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