RRPG Two-Cents: ‘Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion’ More Than a Remake?!

Recently, it was announced that 2007 PSP game, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, is going to be remade for modern consoles. With this announcement, it quickly took fans by storm, aside from the other reveal being Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for the Playstation 5. However, after looking at the trailer, I have come to believe that this remake is more than what it seems. Now, what I mean is that this Crisis Core remake will be similar to how the Final Fantasy VII Remake has been produced. So, this Two-Cents video should explain why I feel like this remake is going do more than the original. Yet, we will not truly know what the game has in store for us until later this winter. Anyways, I hope viewers will enjoy my thoughts on the upcoming game!



This video contains spoilers to both, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VII Remake. So, I recommend viewers do not watch this video until having learned about what happens in both games.

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