TWK Reviews Episode 61: Revisiting Mystical Ninja

Hello, Hero Club, TDub here and welcome to my newest video wherein I will be revisiting Mystical Ninja starring Goemon. For those that may not know, this is my second video on the game and there is a great reason why, but we’ll save that for the video proper. For now, let’s discuss what the heck this game is.

Mystical Ninja is a 3D platformer released for the Nintendo 64 in North America all the way back in the year of our lord and savior, Hiroshi Tanahashi, 1998. It was developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka and with that first name uttered I’m almost certain that bells are ringing in many of your brains.

Yes, we do mean THAT Konami, and not unlike much of their catalogue, this seems to be an almost forgotten franchise that only survives due to a dedicated cult following. Is that following truly warranted? Time to find out in my latest video!!!


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