Official Kamen Rider Gotchard Press Conference – Cast, Staff & More

Today, Toei held their press conference for the next installment in the Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Gotchard. However, unlike previous press conferences that were conducted live, Toei prerecorded the entire presentation. So, the following details pertain to the series synopsis, the main cast, and the staff involved.


Series Synopsis:

The key to the story is the artificial lifeforms called Chemie created by collecting the best alchemy techniques. There are 101 Chemies in total, made to imitate all things that exist in this world like grasshoppers and SLs (Train). Also, they are stored in a card called the “Ride Chemie Card.”


However, the Chemie should have been carefully stored, jumped out of their cards and were released upon the world. Now, our hero Hotaro Ichinose, is entrusted with becoming Kamen Rider Gotchard, after accidentally getting caught up in the incident. Now, his mission is to collect the Chemie released into the world.


Chemie are meant to become companions to humans if they resonate with individuals possessing good hearts. As proof, Hotaro can load the Hopper and Train Ride Chemie Cards into the GotcharDriver to become Kamen Rider Gotchard. Whereas, when a Chemie resonates with an evil heart it gives birth the monsters known as Malgam. Ultimately, Chemie have the ability to good or evil, they are two sides of the same coin.


The Main Cast:

The series stars Junsei Motojima, as our protagonist Hotaro Ichinose who transform and become Kamen Rider Gotchard. In the series, Hotaro is a high school student supported by his mother, and he works at their family restaurant. Although, Hotaro looks to discover sometime of professional skill or trade to call his own. Coincidentally, one day he learns of the Alchemy Academy hidden within his school, and discovers the magical Chemie cards. Then after encountering Chemie Hopper, and being entrusted with the GotcharDriver by Fuga Kudo, Hotaro becomes a Kamen Rider!

Now, Hotaro’s best friend Rinn Kudo is a top-tier student at their high school, and within the Alchemy Academy. In addition, Rinn is the daughter of the legendary alchemist Fuga Kudo, but has mixed feeling towards her father. Especially, since Fuga managed their school and had previously stolen the Chemie cards. Furthermore, Rinn Kudo is portrayed by actress Reiyo Matsumoto.

Then as for the secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Valvarad, he is portrayed by Yasunari Fujibayashi. In the series Fujibayashi plays Spanner Kurogane, a serious and stern warrior that is an Alchemy Academy graduate. Currently, he is a high-ranking alchemist ordered to collect the Chemie cards. Also, because of his pretentious and elite-like mentality, Spana views the Chemie as nothing more than a man-made tool.

Additionally, at the Alchemy Academy, there are two upper classmen who also double as tutors for their juniors. First, there is Renge Icho portrayed by Oto Abe, she is an alchemist from Kansai. Interestingly, she comes from a poor family, and became an alchemist to create gold to provide for them. Next there is Sabimaru Tsuruhara portrayed by Rikiya Tomizono, who is the brainy alchemist, and longtime friend of Icho.

Interestingly, the main villains of the series is an all-female group referred to as the Three Dark Sisters. They are a direct reference to the Fates of Greek mythology with each being named Atropos, Kroto, and Lachesis. Surprisingly, the eldest sister Atropos looks like the youngest, as she is portrayed by Geno Okita. Whereas, the second sister Kroto is portrayed by Kanon Miyahara (Kamen Rider Amazons), who is their best fighter. Meanwhile, the final sister Lachesis who known for her use of the harp is portrayed by Arisa Sakami. Now, collectively they target Hotaro, as he comes into possession of the Chemie cards that Fuga stole.

The Three Dark Sisters – Arisa Sakami (left), Geno Okita (center), Kanon Miyahara (right)

Supporting Cast:

As mentioned earlier, Hotaro lives with his mother Tamami Ichinose who runs their family restaurant. Interestingly, she works hard to look after her son, while her husband travels the world as an adventurer. Whereas, the character of Tamami is portrayed by Yoko Minamino, best known for playing Saki Asamiya in Sukeban Deka.

Also, like Tamami as previously mentioned, Fuga Kudo is the legendary alchemist, and father of Rinn. Previously, Fuga stole the Chemie cards to protect them from the Three Dark Sisters, and managed the Alchemy Academy. Although, he disappeared for 10 years, only to reappear in present day to entrust Hotaro with the Gotchardriver. Additionally, Fuga Kudo is portrayed by actor Kanji Ishimaru.

Then other people at the school consist of Hotaro’s history teacher Minato, and classmate Ryo Kajiki. As for Minato portrayed by Rikuto Kumaki, he is a dull middle-aged teacher for the secret Alchemy Academy. Whereas, Ryo Kajiki portrayed by Amon Kabe, loves the occult, and is an avid reader of the magazine Paranormal Planet.

Now, Kamen Rider Gotchard is set to premiere on September 3rd during TV-Asahi’s Super Hero Time block each Sunday. The series is being produced by TV-Asahi’s Takehiro Ohkawa and Keisuke Shibako, alongside Toei’s Yousuke Minato who previously worked on Kamen Rider Gaim. Then as for the writing staff, the team will feature both, Keiichi Hasegawa and Hiroki Uchida, as its main writers. Also, the main director will be well-known tokusatsu, Ryuta Tasaki who worked on various Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series. Whereas, the second unit or the action director is the prolific suit actor Hirofumi Fukuzawa. Finally, the theme song titled, “CHEMY×STORY,” will be performed by BACK-ON, while Hiroshi Takagi will compose the series’ score.


Source: Kamen Rider Gotchard’s TV-Asahi Website

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