Ultraman Geed Episode 20 – The 10:00 AM Monster Bird Review

We are finally at Episode 20, which means there are only five episodes left in the series! However, episode 20 is an interesting tale as features a formerly banned monster, Space Beast Gyeron. In addition, a majority of the episode is crafted around the various fights Ultraman Geed had with Gyeron. There is also a bit of focus on Reito’s marriage, as seen through Lumina gossiping with her friends; there may be trouble in paradise!



Riku recounts how for the past five days the monster, Gyeron has been attacking the city at exactly 10:00 am. In addition, each of those days Lumina meets with her friends to discuss their relationships with their husbands. During that time Lumina has her meetings, Mayu often plays off in the distance. Riku gets exhausted from each fight, and AIB realize an investigation is require. AIB because unsure if multiple Gyeron are appearing, or if it one can resurrect itself as well as if Kei summoned it. From the DNA samples AIB obtains they slowly begin to realize that Gyeron may have the able to reconstitute itself. At first, they try burning all the samples, but soon discover it reconstitutes through evaporation! After the fifth battle Riku gets annoyed by a tv report that criticizes him, and goes to clear his head.

Riku runs into Moa and the begin investigating, which leads them to Lumina and her friends. They notice a Gyeron DNA signal go off, then quickly disappear. Mayu appears with weird goo in an ice tray. Mayu explains she has been picking up rocks from Geed’s battle each day, but they all begin to melt. However, Riku and Moa realize Mayu has been picking up Gyeron’s remains; this allows Moa to stumble onto the way to defeat the monster, to freeze it! The problem though is how to freeze Gyeron quick enough? Luckily Reito and Zero come up with the solution; have AIB convince the media to explain to the general population to assist in recovering the remains of Gyeron, while Ultraman Zero bubbles the affected area. Meanwhile, as they put the plan into motion, Kei learns of the Kaiju Capsules stored at AIB HQ.

The following day our heroes put their plan in motion! Gyeron arrives at 10:00 AM and Riku battles it, while Ultraman Zero bubbles off the area. Geed works quick to defeat it, and the citizens rush to collect all the remains. AIB then collects the remains, freezes them, and sends them off world to various locations to prevent another situation. Whereas on the seventh day, Riku nearly expects another Gyeron to appear. Luckily enough that does not happen, but Laiha explains to Riku how the recent event proved how people can come together during a crisis. Yet, unbeknownst to either of them, Kei watches them as well as the date on Geed which collected the past week…


My Thoughts:

Episode 20 is a rather interesting episode, as I have trouble figuring out if it is just basic or outstanding. I want to say that both are valid options/ opinions since having seen several Ultra series this episode fits the norm, but also seems quite different. Even for today’s standards something that I would consider as the norm from the Showa era, or early Heisei era is a fine change of pace. We rarely get modern episodes that incorporate a real mystery like how Gyeron kept resurrecting; just the resolve on how to deal with the situation feels a little lacking, but the build-up is sort of interesting. What makes the resolve satisfying though is the incorporation of the city’s citizens.


Now, I do enjoy how the mystery is introduced through flashbacks, with audience being briefed on the situation at hand. I love how the is depicted through various fights, and the examination of Gyeron’s DNA samples. What stands out the most in the storytelling is the visual used to differentiate the past from present; the odd foggy glare and distortion to the picture. The style and presentation for the flashbacks seem rather unique when compared to previous methods used. In addition, the framing, the position, and angles used on Lumina and her friends while gossiping makes a viewer easily wonder what their roles are in this story. Their roles just seem to be bystanders for a majority of the episode with the only direct connection being Mayu, who unknowingly picked up Gyeron’s remains. However, their “stay-at-home wife” lifestyles prove to clue in Moa on the solution our heroes need. Yet, this is also why I find how our heroes made this revelation rather lacking; because, one would have thought Moa would consider freezing Gyeron, as the next best option. Then again Moa is rather ditzy, so she could have literally spaced out the idea in general.


Aside from the mystery in how to defeat Gyeron and the battles with the monster, how it appeared was a small mystery as well. Kei Fukuide is to blame for Gyeron’s appearance, but it is merely hinted at until the final scene. The reveal that Kei summoned Gyeron is expect, but his purpose is slightly shocking. One would think that it is to merely exhaust Riku, however it is study Riku’s abilities as Ultraman Geed. This further elaborates on Kei being a master strategist. Never the less, it helps to build up the tension leading to the finale. Now, I am still unsure about whether this episode is basic or interesting, so to play safe I think it rides somewhere in the middle. Yet, the next episode is even harder estimate where it may lie, since it is an episode dedicated to Pega!


Rating: 3 out of 5

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