Ultraman Geed Episode 6 – So That I Can Be Me Review

Last week’s episode of Ultraman Geed was questionable! Several fans were either fine with episode 5, or plain out just hated it. However, episode 6 looks promising with the appearance of Ultraman Zero. In addition, Ultraman Zero may finally be taking on his role of being Riku/ Ultraman Geed’s mentor. I know that is what I hope will be the case…



The battle between Ultraman Geed and Thunder Killer rages on, and the Belial Fusion Beast has the upper hand. Reito and Zero from home, before Zero realizes he needs to intervene to save Geed. Thunder Killer retreats and Reito assists Laiha in bringing Riku back to the Nebula House. There Laiha immediately insists that REM needs to find a way to allow Zero to converse with the group without possessing Reito. That is quickly rectified through some sort of projection helmet that Reito must wear. Zero attempts to give advice to Riku, but he objects to it. Even when everyone else agrees to it. However, once Reito butts into the argument he and Riku, begin to argue about who has it worse.

Laiha interjects and insist the two trades lives for a day, and REM makes it possible. Riku takes on Reito’s job as a salaryman, but brings Pega along for the experience. In one of Riku’s earliest mistakes he confuses Spanish for English. Then Riku discovers how some salarymen are expected to pull an all-nighter. Meanwhile, Reito replaces Riku at the Galaxy Market, and forced to train like Riku after his shift. The following day, Riku and Reito realize the hardships of their lives. However, Reito explains to Riku that life is about protecting those precious to one’s self, such as his family. Reito realizes the issue for Riku is he needs to find what he cares about while protecting earth. This soon lead to them parting ways, as Reito and his family go to have lunch.


Back at the Nebula Base, Laiha informs Riku that the monster is meant to challenge to him. That its purpose was to defeat Geed, and that others like it may appear in his future. Riku is briefly discouraged from hearing this revelation. Yet, once REM notifies him of Thunder Killer’s return Riku heads out to confront it. Riku’s determination to protect the world, and defeat Thunder Killer unlocks his weapon the Geed Claw to use in battle. By transforming into Ultraman Geed Acro Smasher and using the Geed Claw, Riku is successful in beating the monster. Upon returning to the base Laiha begins to teach Riku how to properly wield weapon. In addition, they learn Ultraman Geed’s approval ratings are going up. However, Kei Fukuide turns in his report to his master, Ultraman Belial!


My Thoughts:

Compared to last week’s episode, episode 6 could almost be consider perfect. However, the episode was not entirely perfect, but it still beats out episode 5. What easily caught my attention was the whole switched-lives idea, as I was not sure how it would be approached from the previews. At first, I thought this was a test inspired by Zero, but it turns out to be a bet between Reito and Riku. The answer on how the switch would occur being easily solved through REM, the A.I. in the Nebula House was little too convenient. Yet, it did feature some nostalgic equipment, used by the Shaplay aliens, to acquire this feat. Now, the only real issue I had with the switched lives bet was that Riku had assistance from Pega the entire time. Whereas, Reito was shown to do everything he had do as Riku by himself without Zero’s assistance. One could say Pega going along with Riku was his insurance policy to ensure that even if Riku did mess up Reito’s job would not be greatly affected.


When it came to Riku and Reito learning their lesson, it came very swift for one another. Their interaction in the park the following day was also a thing to behold, even if one of the things Reito said was questionable. The statement I am referring to was when Reito mentioned his daughter chose him to be her father; immediately it caught me off guard and made me wonder if he actual meant he was a step-father. I then revisited the scene a few times to gather the statement was meant to be a proverb. Now, what I personally enjoyed about the scene was how Reito seemingly managed to understand what it means to be a good person, as well as what it means to be an Ultra. Reito also points out how Riku as Ultraman Geed is only choosing to be a hero, or is playing the part of one. Yet, explains that while Riku is Geed, it may allow him to discover what he is looking. That alone also shifts to acknowledge why several episodes loosely focus on Riku’s insecurities, and it is because he just does not know what to exactly do. Furthermore, it made me realize that Ultraman Geed’s story maybe about the coming of age, since Riku is constantly searching for answers in life.


Now, as for the fights between Ultraman Geed and Thunder Killer, I found both to be short. The opening battle where Thunder Killer has the advantage is my favorite of the two fights. What I personally enjoyed was how Thunder Killer, was like Juggler as Zeppandon, taunting Geed and able to endure anything. In addition, Thunder Killer’s shocking blows were a nice added feature to Kaiju. However, I did feel like elements from Ace Killer were missing from the overall attacks Thunder Killer displayed on-screen. Then as for the decisive battle, it felt too one sided once Riku became Acro Smasher. The form greatly excelled his abilities to wield the Geed Claw, and made Thunder Killer a piece of cake to finish off. Furthermore, I just do not like the Geed Claw, or at least the “toy-demo” featured within the Ultra series as of late.


Overall episode 6 was enjoyable! There is comedy, there is action, and there are inspirational quotes to help anyone make it through the day. However, if one is expecting to see a lot of Ultraman Zero in this episode, that is not going to happen. Yet, maybe in the next episode there will be some action for Ultraman Zero to partake in!


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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