Voltron Week – Day 7: Trendmasters Die-Cast Voltron Review

We finally come to the final day in Voltron Week, which is a blast from the past! Here I have I seemingly restored Trendmasters Die-Cast Deluxe Voltron that I believe was released to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series, as this toy came out before the 3rd Dimension. Growing up in the 90’s this was the go to Voltron if one did not have any of the originals from the 80’s, and fit perfectly well since Voltron was syndicated on a few channels, specifically on Cartoon Network during Toonami. The only issues the toy suffered from was durability and longevity, but that is a common trait towards several incarnations of Voltron or Trendmasters in general. Yet, luckily enough I managed to pull parts together to make a complete one to own, and to review here on my YouTube Channel!

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