TWK Reviews Episode 68: Otaku Time With NJPW Tōhkon Road 2

Hello, Hero Club, TDub here and welcome to my latest video, NJPW Tōhkon Road 2: The Next Generation which was developed by Yuke’s (WWE SmackDown/AEW Fight Forever) and published by Hudson (Bomberman/Mario Party) and yes, this is indeed quite the combination to release a game for the Nintendo 64.

One of my favorite parts of playing these wrestling games from Japan is that it allows me to see the world of pro wrestling outside of the WWE bubble and I can not help but feel like that’s something every fan should do every now and again. Doing so not only gives the player a fresh view of said pseudo-sport but it also broadens your horizon and might just raise your appreciation for the art form that we all love.

With all of that preamble out of the way, this is NJPW Tōhkon Road 2 for the Nintendo 64!


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