Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 3 “Lost Signal” Review

Well, this week’s review was delayed due to editing my interview with Lee Tockar. The interview is already available on my YouTube channel. However, it will be published on Hero-Club this Friday too. Whereas, this delay should only be a day behind from my normal release schedule, pending editor approval. Nevertheless, let us jump into this week’s episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury, and see how things turned out.


We open on Zayto looking upon a gem pendant given to him by his mother. Zayto recalls how the pendant was present to him before he became a Knight of Rafkon and a Power Ranger. Amelia appears and tries to cheer up Zayto, joking that she was wondering how she could get a pendant like his. During the discussion, Zayto explains what Rafkon was like before the Sporix Beasts ravaged the planet. Also, Zayto explains how there were other survivors besides the knights, but he is unaware of their current existence. Ironically, Amelia says she came to get Zayto because Solon is receiving an unknown message on their intergalactic communication system. So, they head inside the base to learn more about the message.

Now, I love this scene as the flashback looks more cinematic than other scenes thus far. In addition, I love how we are getting more of Zayto’s past, and we see how he is homesick. Furthermore, I like how Amelia cheered up Zayto by asking how she could get a pendant like his; the overnight shipping joke is what put a smile on my face. Whereas, the mention of other Rafkon survivors has me wondering what could have happened to them too. Could they have gone into stasis, try to rebuild the planet, or did they emigrate elsewhere? Also, are any of them direct relatives or descendants of Zayto? Hopefully, all of these questions I have get answered in due time.


Anyway, once inside the base the team learns Dino-Mama, Solon cannot decipher the message due to a damaged communication array. Interestingly enough, the communication array was shown being destroyed in the premiere during the base battle; this level of continunity is great and I would not have noticed it without the fans on social media. So, with the array in disarray, Amelia suggest the use of a psychic and Ollie suggests contacting the local observatory. Zayto goes for both options, but things become suspicious when Amelia requires $15 for the psychic; especially, when Amelia requires to borrow the money from Ollie.  


The team heads to the fairgrounds where the psychic, Madame Indigo has setup her tent. Currently, Madame Indigo is meeting with Jane, and surprisingly J-Borg who is now confirmed as a reoccurring character. Here they are depicted as comedic relief, but I assume it will not always be the case for them. Now, Jane has come to see Madame Indigo to awaken ‘her psychic abilities,’ so she can help locate Sporix Eggs. However, Jane also believes she is required to be blindfolded to use these powers, and thus shenanigans begin to ensue. Then the Rangers meet with Madame Indigo, and it becomes more obvious that her abilities are bogus.

Madame Indigo uses the tricks of turning basic information into a narrative that will appease her customers. In addition, Madame Indigo covers up her scam with theatrics and slide of hand. So, Ollie chooses to expose Madame Indigo, by tricking her into believing that he and Amelia are in love. Russel Curry’s acting is good here too, being firstly amazed at everything going on to be utterly disappointed. However, I wonder why in universe did Zayto not resort to using his mind-reading abilities during the exchange. I assume Zayto’s judgement was clouded in hopes to get an answer, or thought using his power was not honorable. So, with the psychic encounter being an utter flop the team proceeds to the observatory.


Meanwhile, Jane falling for Madame Indigo’s scam actually sort of helps our heroes in locating a Sporix Egg. Jane wanders in-and-out near accidents, and eventually gets herself carted away on a bus, while J-Borg gets stuck in cement. However, J-Borg manages to witness a Sporix Egg hatch into the Sporix Beast, Vypeera, so she calls the Ranger Hotline. I love the use of continunity here, and how the hotline is actually serving its purpose. Also, I like how J-Borg shows actual emotions, but she is still cybernetic enough to be distinguish as an android. Anyway, the Rangers teleport into the scene, but Vypeera immediately freezes Zayto with her Medusa-like stare. Whereas, Ollie and Amelia are forced to fight the monster without him, as Mucus appears in the background. Mucus steals Jane’s camera and convinces Vypeera to retreat, Eventually, Vypeera and Mucus retreat, while bringing Jane’s camera with them.


Then the Rangers finally reach the observatory, and there they discover the scientists at the location are unable to help. Zayto decides to return to base feeling defeated, and the others go to BuzzBlast due to a building-wide I.T. concern. Unfortunately, Ollie and Amelia discover the cause is Mucus and Vypeera hijacking BuzzBlast’s transmission feed to amplify her abilities. Before either Ollie or Amelia can contact Zayto, they along with the city begin to be frozen by Vypeera’s stare. The plan is almost successful, but Dino-Mama Solon is unaffected by Vypeera’s powers due to her cybernetic implants. So, Solon is able to cutoff Vypeera’s feed from snaring Zayto too. Also, Solon notices that Zayto’s pendant is the same material needed to fix the communication system. This reinvigorates Zayto’s hope, allowing him to smarten up to devise a plan to defeat Vypeera on his own. Whereas, Solon begins to work on the communication system, and exclaims, “Man, moms sure are great!

Upon Zayto’s arrival, we learn his plan to fight Vypeera blindfolded in tandem with the Sonic Dino Boost Key. The Sonic Dino Boost Key amplifies Zayto’s sense of hearing, so he is able to sense Vypeera’s movements. Surprisingly Zayto quickly destroys the laptop emitting Vypeera’s recording to the city allowing the others to join him. However, this results in Vypeera escalating the battle to giant proportions, so the Rangers call in the Zords. Finally, we get to see Amelia’s Ankylo Hammer Zord and Ollie’s Tricera Blade Zord in action. Yet, before all three combine their Zords, Amelia and Ollie use their individual partners to blind Vypeera. Whereas, upon combination to form the Dino Fury Megazord, Amelia gets temporarily distracted and wants to take a selfie. Thankfully, Zayto gets her to focus, so the group can finish off Vypeera and return her to a Sporix Egg.


Void Knight makes his single appearance in the episode, and attempts to capture the egg. However, the Ranger cut him off and teleport back to the base to store the Sporix Egg away. At the base, Zayto relay the episode’s moral on not giving up and find other ways to solve a problem. Also, Dino-Mama Solon has managed to fix the communication systems, revealing a mysterious message in an unknown language. Solon even jokes how the language is one she is unaware of, and how French is difficult for her. The team considers that the message could be from Rafkon, while Zayto decides to send out his own message. As Zayto transmits his message, we are treated to a glorious expanding shot of the Earth to the stars beyond.


Zayto’s message concludes this episode amazingly, and I see it being intercepted in various ways. We already know Mick (Kelson Henderson) from Ninja Steel is going to appear, and this message is probably why. Whereas, it is possible that Rafkon’s survivors/ descendants will answer Zayto, or even other Rangers. Yet, a crossover is not too likely due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, but we may get something. Honestly, I would love if we could get an appearance of a Ranger from either In Space or Lost Galaxy. However, I know I am being a little too hopeful, but it would be cool from a narrative perspective.


Now, I overly enjoyed this episode from start to finish, and I like how Dino Fury keeps its momentum going. I am loving all the overarching elements like the damaged communications array, J-Borg’s existence and the Ranger Hotline; these are all cool story aspects that are helping to establish this world our characters live in. In addition, I like how the morals do not seem to be overtly forced upon the viewer. Furthermore, the humor in Dino Fury seems to be experimenting with the types of comedy. So, the typical Saban style of slapstick and gags do not feel as overused. Whereas, I am really loving score for this season, and I cannot compliment Bert Selen enough for his work. Two tracks that stood out for me was the one during Zayto’s flashback, and the one for the Megazord combination.

Unfortunately, Power Rangers Dino Fury is off this coming weekend due to the Kids Choice Awards. Last year, Nickelodeon was unable to host their annual event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with new protocols being enforced, Nickelodeon is managing to run the event. Hopefully, enough safety measures will be put in place for its guest and attendants to have a great time. So, readers be ready on March 20 for episode 4 “New Recruits,” and that following Monday for my next review. Anyway, that is for me until Friday when I return for to officially publish my interview with guest Lee Tockar!


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Keys

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