Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 “Superstition Strikes” Review

After what seems to be forever, I am back to review last weekend’s episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. I would have been on schedule with the review, but I received a commission to repair a cosplay helmet. Also, I wrote an editorial on the repair process, so it can be used as a guide by others. However, that editorial/ guide will be published sometime after this review is made public. Nevertheless, let’s jump into episode 6 “Superstition Strikes!”


The episode opens at Area 62, and Mucus pretends to be Void Knight while sitting in his custom throne. It is a cute scene, but it is stopped once Void Knight comes out his private chamber. It makes me wonder what Void Knight’s master plan is, especially since the room is locked off to everyone else. I believe the private room is either part of the plan, or it is plays into Void Knight’s real identity. Anyway, Void Knight puts both, Boomtower and Mucus, on short notice for their prior failures. Void Knight goes onto show that he is unlike other villains who normally keep the screw-ups on their payroll. Whereas, people are running frantically about BuzzBlast plaza, claiming a Sporix Beast has appeared on the grounds.


However, once the Rangers arrive and locate the monster, they discover it is Amelia’s grandfather, ‘Pop-pop.’ Pop-pop managed to get strung up with cleaning equipment and covered in bubbles while trying to clean the windows. So, people just confused Pop-pop’s awkward appearance for being a Sporix Beast, but hallelujah the series is using non-parental relatives. Lately the series focuses on the Rangers and their parents or siblings, but rarely involves other immediate family members; having a grandparent appear and not just be mentioned adds to the show’s depth. Also, for those unaware, Pop-pop is played by Power Rangers voice actor, Greg Johnson. Mr. Johnson began in Ninja Storm having voiced the Minizord, and General Trayf. Surprisingly, Mr. Johnson was also Ka-Ching in Dino Thunder’sLost & Found in Translation,” which I think is awesome.


Anyway, the Rangers help Pop-pop get cleaned off and they then decide to help him with his work. Unfortunately, as they begin to help Pop-pop, Amelia accidentally walks under the ladder setting fourth her chain of bad luck. The group also must explain the ladder superstition to Zayto, and here Ollie is his usual jerk-self regarding Amelia’s beliefs. Yet, at least with Ollie being a jerk it feels in character unlike the last episode where it was Izzy; only appearing in two episodes makes it hard to judge Izzy’s character, whereas Ollie has more appearances to judge him. So, Ollie tears into how superstitions are not real even when Amelia awkwardly gets her shirt ripped. This discourages Amelia as she heads home to change her shirt. However, on her way home Amelia becomes cautious of other superstitions, so she tries to avoid stepping on cracks. Amelia then comes across a Sporix Egg which hatches into Smashstone, and she decides to battle it alone.

During Amelia’s battle with Smashstone, he is able overpower her and force her to de-morph. The skirmish even results in destroying Amelia’s morpher, and halts her from calling in the others. However, Solon figures out the situation and sends in the other Rangers to save Amelia. While trying to defend herself, Amelia accidentally deflects a blast meant for her into the others using a trashcan lid. Also, Mucus gets involved with the fight and steals Amelia’s busted morph before the Sporix Beasts retreat. Now, this fight was rather interesting because it was entirely composed of original footage produced for Power Rangers. Overall, it seems Hasbro is currently better at juggling between original footage and Super Sentai footage than the Neo-Saban Era.


Following the battle, Zayto takes Amelia back to the base to help Solon make her new morpher. Whereas the other Rangers return to BuzzBlast to continue helping Amelia’s grandfather clean the windows. Now, once Amelia gets to the base, she is overly discouraged for losing and paranoid regarding her luck. Amelia believes she will only make things worse for Solon, when she learns how rare the morpher parts are. Meanwhile, Void Knight is delighted that Mucus stole the damaged morpher, as develops an interesting plan. Void Knight intends to repair the morpher, so Boomtower can break into the Rangers’ base to steal their Sporix Eggs. To make sure Boomtower can get in undetected Void Knight orders Smashstone to be a distraction. Ultimately, this is a great plan by Void Knight, and one of the smartest ideas in comparison to past villains. However, it raises the question on how Void Knight can repair the morpher, or has the parts to do so? Nevertheless, it is a question I do not think we receive the answer to anytime soon.

Returning to the Rangers’ base, Amelia continues to fret over everything that has transpired since walking under the ladder. Yet, Solon thankfully decides to give Amelia some necessary advice and her new morpher. To abbreviate Solon’s advice, she explains how luck is a construct of our minds and our perception. Also, Solon mentions on how when focusing on bad things in life, people tend to miss out on good things. I think this advice is spectacular, and it is one of the best inspirational scenes in Power Rangers; the advice can easily transition to other fictional stories, or even be used in real life. I cannot thank the staff for creating Solon, as she truly lives up to my moniker for her as Dino-Mama. I can only hope that we can get merchandise for this lovable character. However, my love for Solon aside, her advice does not immediately land with Amelia, but she will eventually comprehend it.


So, Smashstone appears in the city to distract the Rangers, as Boomtower teleports into the base. Unfortunately, Boomtower is unaware that Amelia is there, and they tussle around. Solon manages to distract Boomtower long enough for Amelia to get her new morpher and transform. Then Amelia quickly destroys Boomtower’s morph and teleports him into the city to join the ongoing fight with Smashstone. Now, the battle in base was short, but I am really loving how it is getting to see some action. I hope there will be more base battles in the episodes to come. Anyway, once joining the others, Amelia teams up with Ollie to fight Boomtower, whereas the remaining Rangers combat Smashstone.

Now, the entire ground battle is composed of wonderful original footage produced for Power Rangers. There is a lot of decent wirework for its stunts, and there is some good dialog sprinkled in with the action. Here we learn Boomtower sucks at grammar when he tries to spell the word done only to have spelt dune. However, all cool American produced action must come to an end as Smashstone grows, and the Rangers call the Zords. At first the T-Rex Champion Zord has trouble with Smashstone, but Amelia figures a Megazord formation is required. So, the Rangers decide to use the Dino Fury Megazord Ankylo Formation and go right into hammer time. With Smashstone defeated, Boomtower attempts to acquire the Sporix Egg, but Izzy steals it from him. Also, Izzy drops the line “Ok Boomer,” which is sort of a cringe line and a little dated. However, Izzy has been saying odd one-liners all episode, so maybe it is a character trait.


Nevertheless, with their victory the Rangers return to help Amelia’s Pop-pop finish his job. There Amelia discusses how bad luck is just a perception having learned from Solon. Unfortunately, for Ollie who was a jerk toward Amelia gets his dose of karma through breaking a mirror. Immediately, Ollie is thrust into accident after accident until he falls on his back. Whereas the Rangers stand over Ollie to joke about bad luck. Now, this closing scene is decent, as it goes over the episode’s morale. In addition, with Ollie getting some bad luck this should slowly teach him to lay off Amelia. Yet, I think the lesson Ollie learns here will be thrown aside to be exploited in other episodes.

Overall, this was a decent episode with great fun and witty dialog. I like how the episode features a Ranger’s grandparent for once, and I hope we see Pop-pop again. Also, like how this is the second series to have morphers destroyed and rebuilt in the same episode. However, since Solon mentions their spare parts are running on low, I think this the only time this will happen. Yet, it is possible that once Mick appears, he will be able to help Solon restock their necessary supplies. In addition, for being an Amelia centered episode, I think it was wonderful. Furthermore, I highly recommend people watching the scene where Solon gives Amelia advice on luck. I cannot do the scene its justice in the review, so fans just need to see and hear it.


Anyway, this concludes my review for episode 6 “Superstition Strikes,” so stay tuned for my upcoming articles here on Hero-Club. On Wednesday, fans can check out my newest edition of Millennium’s Mind focusing on cosplay repairs, specifically a Ranger Helmet. Then this Friday I will post my next review on the most recent Power Rangers Dino Fury episode, “Stego Search.” So, I hope everyone will look forward to the content that I have in store for this week!


Final Grade: 3.5 out of 5 Power Keys

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